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Looking for old friends, CCK, 1970-71


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Looking for old friends from CCK: Larry Green, Bob Houle ( both Ssgts's), Herb Dorman ( a Tsgt ) and Joe tolliver ( an A1C ) We all worked flight line maintenance. I was a Flight line maintenance expiditor @ Tan Son Nhut.

Any info would be welcome,


Bobby Hunter

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Hey Bobby. it is good to hear from you. I don't remember the people you are looking for. I was a SSgt flying out of CCK 1969 - 1970 and spent alot of time at either Ton Son Nhut or Bangkok. I'm sure I worked with you at one time or another. My name is Wil Sanchez and my plane was # 64-505. I hope you are able to find your friends.

TaKe care and be safe.


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Bobby & Wil,

I should remember both of you, but don't!!! I was at CCK from Mar. 69 til June 70. I never did make any inputs to Tan son Nhut, but I was at CRB the day the changeover was made when all of the E-Models moved to TSN and the A's stayed at CRB. I don't remember what month that was, but I do remember that my plane (62-1804) broke down (both inboard props wouldn't feather), and I had to stay at CRB--That's another story in itself!

Wil, I know you had to know some of my best friends as they did 2 tours at CCK also. Almost identical with yours! When I left CCK, Steve Mudge was going home, and Wes Eckert was soon to follow! I have some old blanket orders, that you may be on--I will check! Bobby, you might be on it them also! At CCK, my flight chief was Nickerson, and the guy that took over my plane was Tsgt. Brower. He and I did a trip or two to Bangkok.

I will let you guys know if I find your names on the Blanket Orders! I am in contact with Steve Mudge and Dennis Guinane on a regular basis! Do you remember Dave Beesley?, How about Pete McPheters. Dave Glanville?

I guess that's enough,

Ken Carlson

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Hey Bobby,

I don't recognize any of the names you're looking for, but would probably know them to see them. I was a Doppler RADAR troop at CCK 69 thru 72. Got there out of Tech school as an A1C, then made buck Sgt, and then SSGT while on leave enroute to PCS late 72.

Maybe you remember SMS Tom Cowper Maint. Control, Charlie Brown. Of course my world was AMS folks. Some AMS names are Russ Wilsey, SSg Tom Hopen, SSg Hoffman, Closman, Anderson, Phillips, TSg Zaroff, MSg Ziegler, TSg Denning QA.

There's also a CCKAB vet group page under member groups above, You may want to see who's there and sign on too. If you've got any old photos or stories you're welcome to load them up.

Anyway, welcome and good luck finding them. I've had some luck with finding cck friends on facebook and classmates.


Jerry Rice

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Hey Wil,

nice to hear from you. I did a TDY to U-Tapao during my tour @ CCK. Was there for 3 months and until they caught us we stayed off base @ the Swan lake Hotel...lots a fun. I ran a BPO team there and we had 3 130's that did daily runs aroud Thailand.....the operation was nicknamed

"Klong Hopper Airlines". I spent a lot of Time @ TSN too. I don't remember you now but may well have known you back then. You know how the ol' memory fades as we get older. Thanks for the get

back, Wil.

I have another name to add to the list of friends i'm trying to find from CCK: Charlie Wyatt....a Ssgt.


Thanks for gettin' back to me. As I said to Wil, the ol' memory has faded. I may well have known you too. I never made it to CRB, but wanted to. Did you get to check the orders yet ? I can't remember the name of my flight chief or to many other people other than close pals. I don't recall any of the names you mentioned either. let me know about the blanket orders. I was @ CCK when we lost the 130 that flew into the mountain up in Taipai.....with a load of new troops on the way to CCK....man, that was a sad event. If I remember right our squadron CO was the Navigator on the plane.

Hey Jerry,

Thanks to you too for getting back to me. I have been looking for these guys for years but no luck...thought maybe someone on the Herky Bird site might have known them and would have some additional info....but no luck so far. It's a long shot but was worth the effort. Like I said to Ken, I don't remember any of the names you mentioned but that doesn't mean I didn't know some of them. Gettin' old is the shits. I have been to and checked out the CCKAB site. Haven't joined or done any posting there but may do so. Will do on the photos once I get them transferred over to CD's as i have them all in slides. Thanks for the steer on facebook and clasmates sites, I'll check them out. A short story: While TDY to U-Tapao my crew and I went to Pataya to enjoy the beach, while there we rented a catamaran sailboat ( I took one lesson @ U-Tapao )...the owner insisted we take along his 14 year old son to help us....I resisted but let him come along....which probably saved our asses, as a squall came up and dam near swamped us... I didn't know what the hell to do and we all shivered in the cabin while the kid got us back to Pataya......Lucky for us.

Thanks again to the 3 of you for your get-backs, it's much appreciated.

Bobby Hunter

USAF M/Sgt Retired

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Here are twosites for all Taiwan Vets.

The first is www.taiwanvets.com and

the second is http://mirach.lunarpages.com/~taipe2/index.htm

on the second you have to click on the tab that says CCK AB and Taichung.

Note:Make sure you use Mozilla foxfire url search engine to get the tabs on the second url.


Vince Acquaviva Jr

CCK/Taiwan Vet -Military 1971 to 1974

- Civilian Taiwan 1976 to 1978

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Fraulein, thanks for the memories. As I was digging through my old stuff I ran across booklet called "A Pocket Guide To Taiwan" that was given to us prior to leaving the US for Taiwan. I'm guessing this was a precursor to the booklet you have. I am attaching a picture of the cover that I scanned in to the Computer.

Take Care.


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I,too, was stationed there and worked Dual Rail Shop for a little while then came out to the flightline and worked the Backline and Pre crew with Tsgt Jerry ????, later worked flightline as second wiper to "The Swede".

There are several people here that were there about that time. An engine troop by the name of Berger, a crew chief Harry Robertson, myself Billy Fason, and a few I can't think of right now. I ran with Mark Bell a lot, (he died in 1982). Also ran with Mike Lowe and John Miller. All worked flightline and you must have been our expeditor at CCK and Ton Son Nhut. Wish I could remember the name though. I remember a CMSG Houghton, (called him Bulldog), used to nail us for haircuts in Delta Zero. haha

We lived in the barracks accross from the NCO Club.

Those were great days. Wish I could help you find the folks you're looking for but they don't ring a bell with me.

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