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"Loren Cooper"


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To get this idiot off my back (e-mail actually) I am making a request and/or vote. Can this so called "Loren Cooper" come back after a seven year absence?

Vote away...............


Not sure who Loren Cooper is can you enlighten?

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Years ago on the original chat board he was a pain in the arse smartass that enjoyed harrassing other posters. There was also Larry the Load and a couple others. Back then one didn't have to register to post and there was just one board. I miss the old days it was loads of fun.

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I dont know, I always the trolls were funnier than hell.

Only problem was some of the guys took them seriously (they even sucked me in a few times) and it pissed them off enough to leave.

If you could take them for what they were worth it was actually quite funny, I would hazard a guess that it was a Nav that was doing it ( you notice you had a comm/nav dweeb - loren cooper, a moron load - larry loadmaster and an obnoxious FE - fe extroadinaire (yes it was mispelled just like that) but there was no "nerdmaster nav" aka frodo style, and something like this falls right in the Nav's typical practical joke kind of regime. We know it isn't a pilot, it took too much creativity for it to be a pilot LOL.


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