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C 130 For Sale !

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I kinda like the paint scheme. Except it'd be a full time job for somebody to keep it clean.

Reminds me when I was CC on a VC-118A, 53-3229. Except the bottom of the fuselage wasn't painted, the leading edges and cowling weren't either. We had to polish the unpainted areas with Met-all everytime it flew a VIP mission. What a pain. And at Wright-Patt there were a lot of VIP trips in the early 70s. Even keeping it clean after pilot pros and standard pax runs. :( Finally talked them into painting the lower fuselage the standard light gray. Helped with the polishing but still had to wash it alot and keep it clean.

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...A very good morning!....you guys remind me the time in CFB Trenton. Sometimes it was your turn to be on a Herc wash job. At that time, the machine was all Al......clean the belly!!!!!!!!!!! What a pain!!!!...but you know, at that time as an Ae Tech, we always wanted to do ground runs!!!!....get the feelin'

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