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POD Illumination Light


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Wow, do they still use the pod illum light?

By the time I had to quit flying I forgot what a overt night (H)AR was.


When you quit flying, didn't they still rub two sticks together to turn the lights on??? Remeber first time after the change from just overt pod illumination lights to combination overt/IR lights. Told the helo about our "new" IR pod lighting so they asked us to turn it on for them so they could see what it was like while they were in taking fuel. Put the switch to IR and all H....L broke loose. They had wired the switch backwards and the overt came on. Got to run loss of drouge after the helo chopped it off and then the guillotine failed to cut. Not a good night.


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I thought Moldyhole and Eglin swapped out all the shadows?? How u doing Cebe?? 5828 and me go back a bit. That plane and me had a love/hate relationship when I had it...lol! I have the flag that was on 245 hanging in the garage here. Have a good one dude and I can't believe you couldn't find that light...geesh, jk dude!

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