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Herky Hog 1681 ???


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I don't have my "bible" handy (Lars Olausson's book), but I think that's after an airdrop gone bad at Ft. Bragg. My guess is those photos were taken a while after the crash & the airframe was being salvaged for parts.

I'm sure Bob D. can shed some more light on it.

Don R.

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From Lars' book:

Crashed dropping Sheridan tank at Ft Bragg. Load hung up, parachute deployed.

I thought this was the one that came down too fast. I think this was it.

This video is of 0945 crashing doing a lapes at the Sicily DZ at Bragg. There was a dyess acft that crashed a couple of years later doing a heavy drop (I think it was a Sheridan also) Load hung up and a loadmaster jumped up on the tank with a machatte to cut the lines unsucessfully and he was killed on impact. The rest of the crew survived.

Jerry "Fenmonster" Fenwick

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I was in the crowd during the LAPES accident in 1987. I will never forget the sounds, smells and heat from that accident. I had never seen a LAPES drop before. I looked at my mother while he was going down the chute and said to her that this can't be right. It was that steep of an angle.

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