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  1. It is impressive, but do you really need an airlift platform to perform these types of maneuvers.
  2. 2 images caught my interest on this site and I was curious about the story behind them. Img 4654 and 4654b show what appears to be a bad crash. What, when, where? I cannot seem to find much info. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Ive heard of BIG MAC, but Ive never heard the term little MAC or Black MAC before. I do remember having a mini MAC patch beneath my regular MAC patch though. I came to my first MAC unit in 82, so I didnt know anything about anything, (green fng). Years later though I was well aware of the prima donnas that flew on the 141s and C5s.
  4. I went to Surv Sch in 1987 up at Fairchild. Got to do the water portion in an indoor swimming pool. The thing that I remember the most about being in the woods was how dark it was and how well I slept. Never slept that good ever before. Late night animal noises comprised mostly of cattle roaming the training areas. One new Lt decided to make his bed out of fern fronds and was covered in little green bugs the next morning. We all thought he was about to cry. Fun training though.
  5. Guys, its been 30 years today, since the Iran hostage rescue attempt. Take a moment of your day to remember our fallen brothers. I dont know if anybody has posted this some where else on the site, but I think you should remember, and remind.
  6. Dont forget the *Honey Bucket* I.E. the Crapper.
  7. Sounds like that idea came originally from an Austin Powers flick. LOL!!
  8. Well too bad they didnt go with the MoPar 440. Cant really see wasting a Hemi on that darn cart though.
  9. I came across this website (photobucket.com) and found some pics of a C-130 crash. It looks like hill and desert terrain. The N number is N135FF with a large 82 on the tail. I cannot make out the script on the forward pilots side of the acft. I hope some one can help with information. I would like to know the model of the acft, year, company name, date and details of the crash, location, etc, survivors or not and so on.
  10. Is "Ghost riders in the sky" still the great song among Gunship folks these days? I remember being in the company of some crazy S.O.Bs. in the NCO club at Kirtland , as soon as Ghost riders began to play (Johnny Cash version) these dudes started hooten and hollerin like a pack of mad dogs while standing damn near at full attention while hoisting their pitchers of beer all the while as the song played from start to finish. These boys were in town with one of their birds for an appt at the refurb shop. Helluva bunch of good folks though! Little did I know that years later later I would be joining those folks.
  11. I heard something about a herk going down in Turkey back around 1980, from Dyess. According to this person the acft had an engine come off in flight. 39 or so souls lost according to this mans account. Said he was a former MX officer. Anyone have any specifics or is this even true. I wouldnt have known myself cause I was still chasing teenage girls at the time in HS.
  12. Alright you guys I know it may be a bit soon, but I just wanted to remind folks to remember our fallen brothers who lost their lives in the Iranian hostage rescue attempt (Operation Eagle Claw) on April 24th 1980. God rest their brave souls. My flag will be at half staff even if others don't know or care. Don't count on the media or the current administration to even so much as whisper the words Desert One.
  13. I was talking to some guy recently, and he said the the ole Smoke House has been Dozed over and replaced with housing or something like that. My last trip to Mildee was back in 1990. When ever give the choice for off base qtrs we would vote the ole Smoke always. Sad to hear that its gone forever.
  14. X-AF 130 guy would like to know what does the letters in VMGR actually stand for, or is it just a alphabetized designator for marine airlift and or re-fueler 130 squadrons? And thanks in advance.
  15. I saw a strange looking Herk last week here on base. A Navy C-130 with support structure and a disc on the top side. I think the # of it was either 137 or 143 but I an not 100% on that. Anybody have any input on this ?? Thanks
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