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sealing 4 windows


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Hello C130 world, can anyone help me. I'm looking 4 sealing which dry's out very quickly with cold temp's.

the cold temp's at the moment and bad heated hangar (no heat at all:mad:) the dry time of the sealing is over 72 hrs. we are looking 4 a quickdry sealant.

any one idea's and moving to country's where the temp is 25°C avrage is not an option......(though I wish I was overthere)...


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Check out 1C-130H-2-56JG-00-1 (my copy is circa 1993, so check it out in an updated copy); it authorizes the use of Sealant Tape PTFE (SKYFLEX) in lieu of sealant on the aircraft windows. You have to use Teflon washers with the Sealant Tape, but there is no cure time required. Hope this helps.

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Guys, this is what you are looking for it's Hi-tak tape made by AV-dec.

I guess in change 14 of the 1C-130h-2-56JG they allow to use this tape instead of SKYFLEX

it's HT-3935-7-100 it's a polyurethane tape and it has no cure time and zero hazmat.

I have used it my self on windows and is dubble sided, under the floorboards we use the Tuf seal and has a teflon layer.

Here is a link to the website of av-dec



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You will still have to fill the voids if you use any type of tape. Our job guide also allows the use of Polyurethane Injectable Sealant, (AV-DEC # TG2010-50)

This is a two part system that mixes in the nozzle and is applied with an AVDEC gun. It will cure fairly quickly in the cold.

There is also a company that sells a special light heater to rapidly cure adhesives. Complete curing in 6 hours instead of 72.


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tiny, I only used it on the cargobay windows.

If you use it on the flightdeck windows yeah you wanna seal

those voids.

herky400 didnt the BAF get a new hangar after the fire at melsbroek?

otherwise send it to vlb eindhoven they have nice hangars there I bet they dont mind

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Straight out of the book SKYFLEX is still authorized as of CHANGE 15 - 15 MARCH 2009, unless of course you have a supplement somewhere stating that!!

Sealant, Polyurethane Injectable (AV-DEC), TG2010-50

Sealant Tape, Polyurethane (AV-DEC), HT3935-7-100

Sealant Tape, PTFE (skyflex)

Thin non-metallic wedges, cutters and scrapers

Warning tags

Washers, teflon, part No. GUA6003 (as required when

using PTFE tape in lieu of MIL-S-8784 sealant)

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