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Stuff to do in Ft. Walton Beach.

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Well there's always drunken naked runs along the beach, good time would be about noon on a warm Sunday :)

Another favorite of visitors is visiting the inside of the local pokey (see suggestion above).

I really couldn't tell you even though I lived in the area from 93 until last July, I long ago stopped going down that way since if you even think about creeping over to the Destin side of the island you might as well walk. Seems like it was always damn bumper to bumper creep to get anywhere.

The Boat House in Niceville is a pretty fun place, I dont know if Hogs Breath or any of the other popular watering holes are still open on the island or not.

Just remember, if your going to buy booze, drugs, hookers, (insert other illicit activity here) your dealing with Cash Moore, call him boss hog (not joking, welcome to the South).

If you get the chance to travel for a couple hours I highly recommend "Battleship Park" in Mobile, you will not be disappointed.

On your way back go to Lamberts Cafe in Foley AL. " Home of the Throwed Roll", when you leave that place you feel like your gut is going to explode like a head in scanners!!scanners-1.gif

Other non-drinking/whoring things in the area non to miss are the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola and the outstanding Air-park at Hurlburt.

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If you go to the Hog's Breath, the history of it says it opened in '76. Not so true. I went there all the time in the original one, and that was in '74 when I was going to tech school at Keesler. It was one of the few things on Destin Island. My dad was stationed at Hurbie Field, and I went home about every other weekend. I like to think I helped establish the place.

Yea, definitely make it to Mobile, and be sure to go inside the USS Drum, an old diesel sub.

I would take in a fishing excursion if I were you.

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Helen Back has free pizza for military on Monday nights...line gets long but free is free. Fokkers is cool too...good pizza, and I love their wings. Its on Miracle Strip (98), tucked in the back behind that snowcone stand. McGuires as mentioned, never had anything bad to eat there, however I haven't tried all of the burgers. Gus' Corona Cafe is good for lunch, off of 98, behind Daddy's Bar-B-Q, good food, and cheap. Slick Micks is good for a cheesesteak (not as good as Philly [home for me], but worth it. Bellisimo's on Eglin Parkway for Italian...I like Joe and Eddies for breakfast, has that northeast diner feel to it...cheap and quick...waitress will call you sweetie or hun and keep dumping coffee in your cup.

Bar's...there are ton's there, pick one...I like the local's places, drinks are cheaper people are more interesting...

Out in Pensacola on the NAS is a neat museum...been thru it a few times, always enjoyed it. Also strolled the Eglin armarment museum, again neat if you like museums. Spent most of the summer down there doing Dragon Spear testing...got the idea to pick up a fishing rod one day. Cheap little Ugly Stick combo, little tackle box, foam cooler and a 12 pack...loadmaster and I got 156 fish in 3 afternoons...nothing huge, but fun nonetheless.

That is some of my routine when I go down there, but if you know someone with a boat...whole other world.

Have fun

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Boy I remember when my dad was stationed at Eglin in 81 to 83 they had the little rinky dink museum right there by the back gate going to Niceville.... went back about 2 yrs ago for a bowling tournament in Ft Walton bout fell over when I seen what they had built and all the Acft they had aquired. Nice job Eglin and surrounding area. Just about one of the best ones I had seen. Been to the one at Davis Monthan in Az they had a nice one wish there outside dispalys was as nice as the inside displays if you get a chance to see it you have to pay the extra to tour the boneyard. Another nice one was at Hill AFB Ut ... best part of it I was with my dad made it cool going to miss him when that day comes.

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It was a nice museum. "First Lady" outside made my heart swell and brought tears to my eyes. Either that or it was the sunshine and warm humid air that i have craved for the past dozen or so years. Went to that old school putt putt golf course there. That reminded me so much of the one at Clark.

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