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Hanoi Jane at a Montana restraunt


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I can not vouch for the accuracy of this , I received it as a email from a friend. If it is true, which I nope it is, this place deserves all the business it can get.

LOVE This!!!

Montana Restaurant


radio station “America FM†was doing one of its 'Is Anyone Listening?' bits this morning.

The first question was; “Ever have a

celebrity come up with the 'Do you know who I am? ‘routine.â€

A woman called in and

said that a few years ago, while visiting her cattle rancher uncle in

Billings, MT, she had occasion to go to dinner at a restaurant that does not take reservations. The wait was about

45 minutes. Many local ranchers and their wives

were waiting.

Ted Turner and his ex-wife Jane Fonda came in the

restaurant and wanted a table. The hostess informed them that they'd

have to wait 45 minutes.

Jane Fonda asked the hostess, 'Do you

know who I am?'

The hostess answered, 'Yes, but you'll have to

wait 45 minutes.'

Then Jane asked if the manager was in. When the manager came out,

he asked, 'May I help you?'

'Do you know who we are?' both Ted

and Jane asked.

Yes, but these folks have been waiting, and I

can't put you ahead of them.'

Then Ted asked to speak to the

owner. The owner came out, and Jane again asked, 'Do you know who I


The owner answered, 'Yes, I do. Do you know who I

am? I am the owner of this restaurant and I am a Vietnam


Not only will you not get a table ahead of my friends

and neighbors who have been waiting here, but you also will not be

eating in my

restaurant tonight or any other night. Good


Only in America, is this a great country or


To all who received this, this is a true story and the

name of the steak house is:

Sir Scott's Oasis Steakhouse

204 W.

Main, Manhattan, MT 59741



If you ever get there, give this fellow a sharp

salute, buy yourself a steak, and tip the waitress. They have ten

steaks on their simple menu,

from 32 oz. down to 12 oz.

Toothpicks on every table!

Keep passing this on. We should

never forget our “national traitor"!

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Yes this is a good story but is a 2003 email hoax. As much as I would like the story to be true. The same email used John F'n Kerry in a later version.


Thanks, I was skeptical, but kind of hoping it to be true. Back at Rhien Main the bathroom in our hallway had a decal of her in her exercise tights with the name Hanoi Jane on it stuck to the back of a urinal...... the most used urinal in the barracks.

Giz, Ha-Ha, yup, seems a guy can't believe anything any more. Especially the interwebs, pictures because of photo shop, or any thing from Washington DC. Ha-Ha.

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Those kind of stories about Jane and Ted have been floating around Montana ever since they bought the Flying D ranch on the Gallatin River. I do know guys that have seen them at cafes in the area and they just said the Turners were kind of snooty and didn't talk to anybody! After the story about the Oasis in Manhattan I happened to be in Manhattan for a volley ball tournament and decided to eat there. There was no sign (pictures, etc.) of the Turners on the walls etc. like there are of the rest of the movie stars that own ranches in the area. The snopes thing is probably right as much as that disappoints me! I have never heard of them being in Billings but they probably have.

Giz, you heard this on the internet and you can take it to the bank!!!!!!!!!


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