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GTC Diff data question

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The GTCP85-185L is the APU used on the AFSOC U/W-model gunships, and the Talon-II. It weighs about 40 pounds more than the standard APU, and some operating limitations are different. Also, it has an electronic 3-speed switch. The 49GS has more info, and the limits are in the typical 49JG.

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Anybody got the gouge on what the difference is between the GTCP85-180L and the GTCP85-185L?


Hi Jetcall

GTCP 185-180L & GT CP185 LE provide Electrical & Pneumatic power(in-flight Electrical) GTC operated limited time 10 minutes No time limit,APU flow rate more than GTC.APU STOP shutdown (110% SW simulation APU one pneumatic thermostat GTC 2 that cause serges at 677Ceilous temp starter differ 9,current limiter rating differ APU all indication (EGT,RPM) SW toggle only hour meter clock IGnition cycle terminated at 95% rpm On speed relay provide stop No oil drain solenoid & oil gate valves because oil tank is installed APU leveling Thermostat selector valve reliable less cost on maintenance No need of ATM & ATM


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Hello Lkuest,

You wouldn't happen to know if the -185L is installed on the J would you?



You might be on to something there. The 1C-130J-01 makes reference to the -185L(A) pn 3800599-1, which cross-references nicely with the 1C-130H-2-49GS-00-1 APU installed in the AFSOC birds.

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