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Donald Mc David 06/11/1931 - 09/11/2015


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Hi. I haven't been around in a while. My father passed away in the PI last Friday.
Don't know how many people here knew him.
We (myself, and another daughter) had spent the last few years of his life fighting with the VA to get him disability for Agent Orange.

During this time, he had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. The cancer had spread to his testicles and then earlier this year, his spine.
He was proud and stubborn.
Had he not been so stubborn, he probably would have had another year or two.
When it spread to his testicles, he refused to have them removed, or any sort of treatments, because he felt that would make him less of a man.

Please, if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer or testicular cancer - get it treated. Don't be stubborn.


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