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Fluctuating TIT,FF and TQ.


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I am looking for some help for an ongoing snag with a CC130H T56 , the snag only occurs during flight and during climbs. we get a 50-200 degree fluctuation in TIT with FF and TQ following.

we have changed TD AMP, TD Valve, SS control, thermocouples and L/H and R/H harness, T-block harness and T-block, the snag is intermittent so hard to nail down.

Anyone see this before I would appreciate any input.


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If TIT, Fuel Flow, and Torque are all low together with no change in RPM, whatever is causing the problem is definitely fuel related. Have you run an electrical check on all wiring? Some of the electricity goes through the LH engine wiring harness, and there is a J3 lead that can cause problems. You might also hook up the TD Amp test set and shake the wiring around to try to duplicate. You should also pull the lid off the junction box next to the TD Amp and see if anything looks out of place.

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