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  1. fluctuation is together and when we select Null or Locked everything goes back to good and stable. We have been flight with a restriction.
  2. Do not be fooled by my name I am back on the old birds....and loving it.
  3. I am looking for some help for an ongoing snag with a CC130H T56 , the snag only occurs during flight and during climbs. we get a 50-200 degree fluctuation in TIT with FF and TQ following. we have changed TD AMP, TD Valve, SS control, thermocouples and L/H and R/H harness, T-block harness and T-block, the snag is intermittent so hard to nail down. Anyone see this before I would appreciate any input. Thanks.
  4. I am not sure about the why but I do know when you balance a rudder you can use as many as needed, could be because the aileron is so far outboard it would cause more severe balance issues, though that seems far fetched.
  5. we use the tp for any pressurization leaks from inside the aircraft, and man on the stand is old school but seems to work well. I knew some guys from LM that used the thermal imaging device with little success. I can recall a long time ago trimming a Pratt N Whitney on a Boeing 707 standing beside and fighting the fan blow by, that was exciting stuff.
  6. sounds interesting. what is the pay like? any relocation allowance?
  7. Would they consider Recognising Canadian Military qualifications? I have 20+years on E/H Models maintenance, line servicing, instrument electrical lab and engine bay. Also J Model quailified.
  8. Halon still in use, I believe just in aviation though. Has been outlawed everywhere. Look onboard any military aircraft today in any country.
  9. 13 year replacement is interesting, I would have thought shorter schedule for restraints.
  10. I once was that soldier that needed medevac and the crews that fly those sorties are my angels, I am here to speak of it today cuz of them. SAR and Medevac without doubt the most dangerous. So that others may live.
  11. We are still working on this one, I will keep everyone informed.
  12. Thanks much We are trying to fix rather than dispose of broken troop seats.
  13. Oh yes have done that in my old E/H models days, but Marietta frowns on those practices anymore....lmao
  14. Anyone have any info or experience repairing J Model troop seats, I am mainly interested in authorizations and/or pubs with direct on what is allowed and if any other countries are doing their own repairs.
  15. and you know every herc needs a LM can opener valued at a gizillion dollars
  16. JTECH


    oh yes I have gagged a couple times climbing the ladder and sticking my head in an intake and catching a wiff of guts and 1/2 baked bird. I have seen camels in a herc and many many different bugs and even some snakes but never a rat....
  17. I agree, however there are some differences between J and H/E and the job guides are very specific.
  18. and pilots need cool sunglasses...... sorry had to throw that at you.
  19. Anyone know if there is a dipstick for the J Models, similar to the E/H a wooden stick used to check tank levels when the gauges are broken....like always?
  20. JTECH


    it is dry and tucked away.
  21. What he is saying is the propeller changes angle to create thrust for the airframe, but inside the power section there are no variable parts. the compressor blades are fixed and the turbine blades are fixed as well as all the stators, nothing is variable, however during initial start up there are bleed pucks that are open to take air and pressure out of the compressor and then they are closed with bleed air pressure increase as the engine comes up to speed. Engine power measured in torque is increased and decreased by fuel fed to the engine and burned in the combustion section.
  22. I am not sure I understand your question?
  23. JTECH


    Thanks for the feedback, I am also an old E/H tech and never had the nesting issues I see now. I am thinking of recommending the implementation of the screen mod for the J's we fly. I would hate to see a mission abort for a fire or worse.
  24. I am looking for any feed back from anyone about bird nests in engine nacelles, Specifically but not limited to J-Models. I know that the Canadian H-Models have screens installed on the upper aft nacelle and very rarely do they have nesting issues. We have had many instances of nests being built in lower trays, beside the oil tank and even once found robin eggs in the established nest. Any and all feedback is great.
  25. That is interesting for sure, may I ask are you running -7 or -15 or -15LFE engines ? My understanding was that the tubes type were just too unreliable and broke down under the rough conditions of flying hercs. Tis site learns me new stuff every time I am here
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