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Happy Birthday Jcapsparkchaser

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Sonny, what can I say I am speechless! It was a time 65- to 72 where we grew up real quick! Naha for me was my first real time away from home and at 19 yrs old . I met some of the greatest people and to this day I would do it all over again! Ken will remember being sent down from CCK because we were undermanned in the FMS. When I got to the 374th FMS Electric shop Tsgt Lucero was the NCOIC, most of our 5-7 levels were either at TSN, CRB, or up in Ubon, plus can't forget "E" flt ( Vinny A.) oh and we were working 12's with no days off. When I left in June of 70 we had a SMSGT as NCOIC, the work schedule was 8 hr rolling shifts 4 on 3 off and each shift had at least 4 MSgt.s 

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Bob thanks for the great pictures! You know I'm not sure I ever saw that place in the daylight! I can still remember the smell!

I see from the list, that I must have missed a few of the clubs. Once I got my 5-level, I started to go on a few CRB  inputs, a 60 day TDY, then 90 days in Blind Bat in Ubon. Then off to CCK to learn another language and another Bar district.

I am going to save those pictures they are so good.


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