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  1. Don't take that bet with BobWoods. He's right.
  2. Was Buddy Adkins a member of your group? Also an IO named Hasselman?
  3. I wonder what knuckle head decided we should pull the fire handle for everything now. Except cruise engine shutdown.
  4. Agree on JP-8 mucking up the fuel nozzles. Who’s we? Our(16 SOS) normal taxi to parking configuration was 2up/2down and that’s how we shut them down. It was pretty rare to taxi with all four inlow speed.
  5. I think the answer might be in the surge suppressor.
  6. We cut thr SPR panel out of 556. It was weathered so bad you couldnt read the writing. we did salvage some gages for the Fuel Control panel though. Not sure which center wing valve your talking about. The offload valve? The offload valve closing with dump pumps on does'nt damage anything. The fact that it was labled as a Warning tells me whoever wrote it thought it would would hurt somebody. Yea Bob, the light showed up when the "X"valves that open and close on takeoff and landing. 63-7something.
  7. 63 E models through 1st gen Hs have a light on the SPR panel. It is labled; WARNING DO NOT TURN MASTER SWITCH OFF (Light is placed here) DUMP PUMPS ON My instructor told me what it was about way back when but that brain cell was KIA. I know the plane won't blow up if you turn the switch off with dump pumps on. What say the HerkyBird members, why did they put that light there?
  8. When in the AC position both of the relays involved are deenergized.. When in the DC position one relay is energized sending power directly from the inverter to the ACI&EFC bus. Another relay takes power away from the ACI&EFC bus when you turn it off. And it has to be energized to do that.
  10. Tin foil hat sales may up in the Southwest. http://www.cnjonline.com/news/prop-34114-half-air.html?orderby=TimeStampDescending&showRecommendedOnly=0&oncommentsPage=3 16th CC says get used to it. http://www.cnjonline.com/news/become-34127-cannon-exercises.html
  11. I keep trying to kill that rumor but it pops back up. I've been here 30+ years so I'm dug in pretty deep.
  12. Hey man, your avatar is already in an orbit. Just tell them how much fun it is blowing stuff up. You remember eh.
  13. Did they add 10 to the drag for crew entrance door removed?
  14. You need to go to a dash1 conference. You'll learn real quick how things get "in the book". Sometimes it's on purpose, sometimes it's by accident.
  15. hmmm....wonder which incident he was talking about. He went into pretty good detail. He even went as far as saying that crash was Allison's fault. I went through in the winter of 96. I think his name was Bob. Big tall guy that had been working for Allison almost 40 years. He is retired now. Anybody remember him? This is bugging me now. I've been using that as an example in the "why gearbox oil pressure is so important" part of my engine class.
  16. One of the instructors at Allison school said that it was gearbox failure. Too much oil got between the gears at the first stage of reduction and caused them to "Hydraulic themselves apart" which in turn caused the case to fail. I remember hearing rumors about it being shot down too.
  17. My son's day care provider was on Mayo St. They didn't know anything about it. I told them there were a lot of streets on Hurby named after guys that didn't come back.
  18. Things have changed the last 30+yrs. Who remembers Hurbie being a TAC base? (Talk about no money) TAC Reg 55-130 was about 1/4" thick. My Commander wore those shiney low quarters and his wheel hat to fly, thankfully, he sat in the booth. Then we became MAC, what fun. We got the the New York City phone book AKA MAC reg 55-130. The late 80s were fun though, JRTs, Hotels, rental cars, and this ancient thing called per-diem. (Never did find my flip-flop I lost in that ditch next to the hotel in Pooler GA) Then Strat-MAC showed up with cases and cases of black spray paint. Went downhill from there. "Apparently all you need to be Special Ops is a can of black spray paint" Then we became AFSOC. We thought our troubles were over. We were sittin in tall cotton. It was so tall we couldn't see what was coming. We did have Special Ops MOPP level 4 which was when you were wearing your Oakleys, black gortex, Danners, Eagle holster and carrying your Sporty's bag. Then.... Big Blue(spit) came knocking. It was the end of days. The way I got into gunships was meeting Gunner Jack on the Kimche Bus at Osan back in 78. Hows that for a resume?
  19. Why can't we get a deal like that...... Oh, I forgot, those old planes ain't worth it. We need Jays.
  20. I been called worser stuff than that.
  21. I was originally taught the same as you Dan but, unfortunately those numbers have crept/creeping into the Flight Manuals. I can't remember a gearbox starting to flux that lasted the rest of the flight. They always got worse and worse til we had to shut it down.
  22. Just before the crash or short final. Alternate method is the turn on the pump for the tank with the INOP gage, watch the pressure start to build, open the "X" valves, watch the pressure drop, then hit the other dump pumps. This would come in handy if for some reason you couldn’t verify it visually in a timely manor. This, of course, won't work if your "X" valves are already open. This is why the lights wouldn’t do you any good anyway. They would be staring you in the face the whole time the pumps were on. I wish I had the money it cost for all the fuel that Iv'e dumped over the years.
  23. agarrett


    Bob’s question reminded me of one. Melang Indonesia with the 1SOS for 3 weeks in 94. I was surprised by the weather there being right on the equator. Low 70s at night and low 80s during the day. The townfolk were friendly and it was clean. Went to Bali for a couple of days Wow. I walked a half mile down the beach before I realized there was an Ocean on the other side of me(It was a nekid beach). We had 1843 or 7898 there cant remember. By the time our parts bird got there it was a sick puppy. From the best of my memory; Only had two good TRs I had to steal the Navs battery Flying with a prop in Mech. Ignition relay jumped Hydro fuse from the UARSSI system in the emergency brakes And some other minor stuff. Then on the way home we flew for three hours with a pitchlocked prop.
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