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  1. “Unknowns consisted or potential radar signal interference, system integration, and mounting/weight unknowns,” Since the two radars operate in different bands, and SKR was originally designed for helicopters (though heavier than the 241) is relatively light weight, and integration of anything on a J is problematic ...
  2. "It's a subsonic aircraft" Direct quote from then IBM when that was brought up at the CDR. But hey, the aircraft have the coffee can mods ...
  3. Having been part of DIRCM/LAIRCM flight test of at least 7 different C-130s, not to mention the wind tunnel testing of the original SOF DIRCM installation I'd say the drag estimate is reasonably close, certainly within the error bars of a sharp pencil FWIW the handling flights of the Talon II (85-0012) were the most "interesting" - "Some approaches to stalls are closer than others"
  4. Definitely would help with the Chimney fire (what really sparked the fire in Gatlinburg) which is about 0% contained at the moment
  5. Nice shot of MC-130H 85-0011 (ship 3) in the opening sequence, opus proudly staring forward
  6. ​Not really, they are not. My bet is the primary operators of the legacy C-130 fleet will not get AMP, at least as it is defined by the current program of record.
  7. Depends on what your definition of "AMP" is ...
  8. ​Those are the AAQ-24 DIRCM Missile Warning Sensor fairings (You can see the large DIRCM transmitter turret right above the 105 barrel) The original three aircraft the sensor fairings were designed by Scaled Composites and looked natural. The U-boat fairings were designed by another firm and are UGLY. The Scaled fairings were used on the LAIRCM installations on MAF C-130s
  9. Maybe it is using one of Darlene's kits ...
  10. Ah yes, 1699 the white tail Spent a lot of time on 476 in Apr of 93 or 94 trying to get the forward flares to work correctly. Probably 93 as Scott was the DO then. I know that in Dec 94 Scott was CC and PR was DO (killed billions of brain cells at a Christmas party at the CC's house).
  11. They left the DIRCM Sensor fairings as well as the ALQ-172 transmit fairing but removed the a72 receive fairing
  12. Welcome to the result of being tied to the H-60 Nighthawk. A lot of what is screwed up in the avionics is the result of that, especially the ICS.
  13. The FWD LAIRCM Sensors will be located down low, in the Nose Gear area
  14. Cheyenne gets rid of their lone 2.5 get a H3 in return so they will have 12 H3s.
  15. Which they got from Niagara, when they swapped their H2s to be common with the ANG unit. Niagara got the MSP H2s plus four more from Nashville, which it looks like they are now losing ...
  16. It was 566, and we received some parts off of it this week.
  17. Bob, I'd appreciate a copy of your latest. Previous listings have been invaluable. [email protected] Cheers, Pirate
  18. That would probably news to 74-1686 YMC-130H (Remaining Credible Sport aircraft)
  19. Well, one to the AF museum http://projects.springfieldnewssun.com/cache/galleries/News/Local/081811airforcec130/
  20. They were to be the first with MCTF, till the decision to change essentially the entire 130 fleet to J's was made.
  21. "The 241 will TF...very nicely I might add. We were ready to take 0572 into the mountains at night for testing when AFSOC pulled the plug. It merges DTED with the active scan very well, not sure what your source is. TalonOneTF may or may not be able to validate one of us. " Try it in weather ...
  22. Because the Talon IIIs are coming later ...
  23. Great work Bob! Your lists are a great reference in many situations.
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