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  1. I think the only HC-130P's that have UARRSI are ones that are conversions. ACC doesn't think its important to have extended range by aerial refuelling they would rather have benson tanks. Engine Mike
  2. Having known that parking lot from working there for 2 years. I would venture that is a post accident picture..... Get the license number of the person who rear ended that poor car? Join in and Be Heard, Engine Mike
  3. http://www.airmanonline.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-090413-047.pdf happy reading. Engine Mike
  4. We have truely lost an American Icon in a time when we have so few. Engine Mike
  5. Welcome aboard. Feel free to touch and go, but you are always welcome on the tarmac. Engine Mike
  6. Casey, You definately do an awesome job. Engine Mike
  7. I happened to be in Tulsa yesterday on the eve of a class graduation at Spartan College when I happened across quite a site turning off the highway. Engine Mike
  8. One note people are overlooking.... MC-130J coming soon to an AFSOC base in the desert, so getting J training can work to your advantage going to AFSOC. Food for thought, Engine Mike
  9. You figure since they aren't going to THEIR Guard units they must not be needed. But they will keep bailing Boeing out by buying more C-17's than the USAF asked for. Join in and Be Heard, Mike
  10. Bob's spreadsheet still shows the ole girl in the 67th SOS. Worked on the ole girl a couple times while in 352MXS in 2000 and 2001. She was a good flying aircraft is all I remember. Engine Mike
  11. Boeing has had some openings the last couple years to go over to Saudi. Might check their job site. Engine Mike
  12. I was impressed today when all sporting events STOPPED at 3pm for a moment of silence in Honor of our Armed Forces, Veterans, and for those Who Gave All. It was quite refreshing. Engine Mike
  13. The sad part is that the MC-130E's are a victim of being listed as "E"s, where as the AC-130H's don't get the critism of being "E"s. And the MC's have had similar upgrades. Maybe the Reserves should AMP the MC-130E and get it a new life with a new designator. Engine Mike
  14. Way to go Casey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Engine Mike
  15. Hopefully you can get Jenga to go along and educate the crowd. Engine Mike
  16. According to the C-130 Production list the "B" model is 58-0713. And I am sure there are members here that served with the aircraft that can give a history background. I personally got to see one B model my whole career and it was a guard aircraft visiting Rhein Main back in 1986, and the only things I remember is it looked odd without external tanks and the air smelled really bad because they had cooked their brakes making their turn off. It sat out behind the engine shop for a couple days while they changed the brakes. Engine Mike
  17. The Bushmaster was to replace the maintenance intensive 25mm gatlin, and the parts scarse 40mm Bolfours. If the vibration is that bad in the forward position them maybe they only should be used in the Bolfour's position. Food For Thought, Engine Mike
  18. With all the problems that the AC-130U +4 program had with the testing of the 30mm bushmaster gun (rumored), why does the USMC think it will work in their K/AC-130J concept???????? Engine Mike
  19. Yes they are because the nose section of 10946 was intact after its landing and was later cut off and shipped to fix 0539. Remember seeing the nose being trucked across the base and loade on a C-5 over on the 7th SOS ramp next to the tower. Engine Mike
  20. http://www.cannon.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123137937 Not spelled out specifically for its black letter inital accomplishment but it is in the picture in the article. Either way congrats to the 73rd SOS. Engine Mike
  21. True American Heroes that had "THE GUTS TO TRY" what many felt was impossible. They are true heroes that should never be forgotten for their sacrifice for they are the true representatives of the true spirit of the Quiet Professionals. The Men we lost on that dark night in Iran are "True American Heroes" and take their rightful place as role models for today's Special Operation Community. Engine Mike.
  22. I have to agree with Skip. THat looks awesome. Engine Mike
  23. Great pic of 0561. Love to see the Talon in its native colors and especially like the painted prop blades. Any word on 0555 and company at least going back to basking in the california sun instead of cold storage? Engine Mike.
  24. There is always some pencil pusher somewhere that has to make life hard for true American heroes that don't go around and brag of their exploits. Here is a true example of the Quiet Professional" and some JACK@$$ has the nerve to say he doesn't deserve the disability that happened in the defense of this Nation. It doesn't matter if its "OFFICIAL" or "UNOFFICIAL" it is in the defense of this country by order of the President of the United States. Engine Mike
  25. OpSec is somethng that has gone away since everone has a camera phone and has to tell someone when something goes on. It seems since we only have terrorist to deal with instead of a global superpower to oppose, little information like mission reliability isn't an issue........ WRONG If the bad guys know we don't have aircraft availability then it allows them to step up their activity. Information leaks hurt our people not the bad guys. Guess all those briefings about OPSEC when I was on active duty have gone away with the new kinder Air Force, probably replace with more gym time so people can go and work out more. Mike
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