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    USAF Aug 66 - 70; 42350 Acft Electrical; (1) Naha 374th FMS (C-130A); TDY-CRB RVN (Tet 68); Korea - Typhoon Bugout and Other; (2) Hill Ut. 28th Mac (C-124); (3) Forbes Ks. 1st ACGS (mapping outfit) (C130A, RC135, KC135, CH3C, C118)(TDY - Brazil/Colombia/Panama)..
  • core_pfield_12
    So Calif
  1. Thanks for the Video.. Does anyone remember seeing a Roman Nosed gunship at Naha? (1967/1968). I don't remember if I worked on it or just happen to see a strange shape on the flight line one night.. (Electric Shop).
  2. It seems to me that most of the talk on this site is being done by flight crew members.. C-130B C-130E I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations is over by now.. so I will ask.. Knowing Naha was a C130-A base.. How many of you had a Alternator write up so that you could spend some time in town while we pulled and padded the alternator on the affected engine ? LOL...
  3. Mine are also listed on my profile; but a couple think I did not see in the lists: C-124, Hill AFB, UT 1968 C-118, Forbes AFB, Ks 1969 - 70 1st ACGS (Mapping Outfit) RC-135 Forbes C-H3C Forbes (Chopper)
  4. I heard a fixed wing aircraft was used for the disposal at sea.. I hope it was a HERK..
  5. I remember (67/68) that I got up around 6:00 AM and got myself to South Beach at CRB for Bob Hope. When LBJ made a visit; I stayed in bed..
  6. joewanafly


    I was TDY (late 1969 - 4 months) to Brasilia; Brazil (1st ACGS - Map making outfit, Forbs, Ks). While there we were put up in our own hotel outside of the city. We used to joke about it being a government sponcered brothel. It was a resort and since there must have been over 200 of us. I guess it made since to do that. We used the international airport (C-130A, RC-135, KC-135, CH3C (Copter) for our AST (Aerial Survey Team) base. We used to bet on how many times the VARIG pilots (civilians) would bounce before finally landing their planes. Once I got to go to Bogota, Columbia to help with a en
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