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  1. There were 12 HC-130B CG Hercs. 1339 Scrapped AMARC(remains to Charlotte A/C NC) 1340 AMARC to National Aircraft(Broken up at National) 1341 Lackland AFB (a trainer? maybe this is the one??) 1342 Davis Mothan (to National A/C Tucson Broken up) 1344 AMARC (to National A/C Tucson Broken up) 1345 AMARC (BAE Waco AMP Mock up) 1346 Cherry Point Load trainer, possibly scrapped? 1347 AMARC (National A/C Tucson Broken up) 1348 Buenois Aires derelict(?Interesting, last reported at Long Beach CA used as an AMP Mock up by Boeing) 1349 Broken up 1997 (by National A/C Tucson) 1350 Little Rock AFB (load trainer?)(Reported the same as 1351 below) 1351 Was a medivac trainer at Westover AFB, now Western Aviation( Cockpit reported as simulator at Reflectone in Tampa FL. Fuselage in Western International Yard Tucson) (Notes in () by Bob Daley from Lars Olausson and National) 1348 was reused by the USAF after we dropped it off at MASDEC (my only trip there)
  2. n1dp

    Crew Doors

    I think someone was told to put the decal right side up because it looked prettier with the door open! It was interesting to see a L-100 without the crew door jettison mechanism.
  3. n1dp

    8 bladed Prop

    The \"J\" prop blows more air over the wing. During flight test, there was no buffet before the stall. They ended up having to install a stick shaker system. Angle of attack probe is mounted on the aft kick window blank.
  4. n1dp

    8 bladed Prop

    I hope they don\'t run into the same stall characteristics the \"J\" ended up with.
  5. I hope it is not the loop; it takes a while to change it. Sometimes it can be the control box in the dry bay, but as intermittent as this is, Bahroni is probably right. Don\'t forget to check the sections of loop in the horse collar. As with the engine wash question, was anyone recently poking around in the nacelle?
  6. Coast Guard HC-130Js; three airframes have had \"H\" externals installed. The work cards called for GTF-6 Fuel quantity tester to be used. We worked on prototyping the USCG Maintenance Procedure Cards for that system. The GTF-6 connects to a box in the \"hayloft\" that takes all the analog fuel quantity inputs and coverts to a digital signal(s) to be sent though the magical data bus, on to the land of the two man flight station (via fail-safe mission computers?). No need to send data to the SPR panel. As far as performance; I have \"heard\" that low level performance was not as good as expected with the externals. Low level is where the CG earns much of its fight pay. I think the 23 hour endurance mentioned in some Lockheed briefs was for point A-B?
  7. n1dp

    Kulis ANG

    Surprised me when it was announced they would move to Elmendorf. What a nice facility they have at Anchorage Int. I think someone very powerful wants that land at the airport?
  8. I can\'t remember how much they cost, but we got them through normal supply sources. I don\'t think we ordered them from our central aviation supply in the Coast Guard. Probably from a military depot. I don\'t think they were a GSA catalog item. We\'ll swap a few parts around, and maybe order the gaskets, but I don\'t think we repaired many anymore, like the old days.
  9. Good point on the gauges. There is only so much \"slack\" in the indicating systems. Not calibrating Torque indicators is insane.
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