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    What do you mean by 'stabilize'? Rpm, TIT, fuel flow? Is there any unusual sound (barking) on downshift?
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    No, but then I have never seen this before either. Having read through it, it appears to be a more intensive version of the test cell procedure ..... I believe if I actually used it, my bosses would have me hung, drawn and quartered for the time it would take to do. Thank you for the reference, it did provide an answer for me
  3. correct. do a rich/lean check to be sure that the fcu schedule is within limits: not to exceed 100°c rich or 70°c lean
  4. Only limitation is TIT after light-out must be 800°C to 840°C. There is no limit for before light out, meaning TIT before could be 1000°C or 700°C as long as it corrects to the specified range when the light goes out. All it means is the fuel control is very rich or very lean at that position in the schedule.
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    Hey guys I have a question for the engine test cell and AMARG people. When doing preservation of the engines, T.O. 2J-T56-56 says to do it iaw 2J-1-18. I have read it several times (to be sure) but can find no reference to T56 engines. Only thing that has a specified procedure is the 1C-130B-2-4CL-2 used by test cell. Does anyone know why the 2J-1-18 would be referenced? What do you guys use? Thanx PJ
  6. Hey guys Looking for COMMERCIAL ATA chapter 5 for L100/L382 Is there anyone can assist me with this? Tnx PJ
  7. Thought that was rescinded in favour of 2J-T56-56 and job guides .....
  8. yes. fuel control is just very rich at that point in schedule - nothing to be concerned about unless you out of limits on rich/lean check
  9. you're not gonna like this, but look for bent tower shaft or bearing failure in adh
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    Hey guys Looking for a book in digital format: SMP1522 Is there anyone can assist me with this? Tnx PJ
  11. i havent used the balancer yet so cant answer your question directly. however, a couple years ago we got a newly overhauled prop in the test cell. Everything was fine up to NGI. As throttle was advanced and blade angle increased, the prop noise and RGB vibration increased. Above 1000° TIT the noise was like someone or something beating on your chest - unpleasant, almost painful. RGB vibration was topping at 1.4 to 1.6 mils. We went through the prop records and everything seemed to be in order. We then did a loose blade and tracking check, which also checked goo
  12. WOW! System wide failure .... did you get it figured out? We've had a lot of wierd stuff with our EPCS birds, but this one is a first.
  13. Warrent Officer, South African Air Force,Henk van Rooyen with 12000 hours on C130 (Herc's) and a career spanning 43 years active duty has finally come to an end. Henk from all the squadron members, Goodbye and good luck. (Picture taken from facebook group)
  14. First thought would be low pitch stop is not set correctly, however more info is required. What was airspeed, altitude and throttle position? Same for other engines and their indicated torque?
  15. I've been down this road before - the numbers his fleet manager is insisting they use are not correct. My test cell has digital and analogue torque indication. The digital easily spans numbers like that, the analogue guages cannot. I was proven right when my boss had one of the tm i failed sent to RollsRoyce for evauation. Report came back with 7 defects including excessive twist (overtorque) of the torque shaft. The tm unit had been overhauled by another facility
  16. all i can say at this point is the numbers you are trying to use are wrong. follow your job guide or tech orders for doing tm calibration, NOT the numbers given to you
  17. If torquemeter stamped number is 29540 then corrected cal-A of -4000 would give corrected cal-B of 25540. Assuming ISA conditions and 72% rpm, you would be looking at 709"lb torque calculated. Setup indicator as per 1C-130H-2-77JG-00-1 77-10-04. A difference of more the 50"lb will require corresponding adjustment of the guage. A difference of 750"lb requires tm remove from service. Try my min torq calculator if I am not clear ..... Perf_PPC_v2.1.xlsx
  18. no minimum value stamped on tm. T.O. says unload engine by turning off bleed air, generator and hydraulic pump. Then move throttle slightly forwards or backwards to obtain LOWEST torque indication. Adjust CAL-A/CAL-B -4000/25850. If the difference between INDICATED torque and CALCULATED torque is more than 750"lb reject torquemeter and return it to overhaul.
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    However I did find this .....
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    .... I'm going blind ....
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    APN = Aircraft Production Number? If so, its on the data plate above the flight engineer station
  22. Hey guys Got a list of positions open with SAEI (Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries). If anyone is interested send your Cv and certificates to my email: [email protected] I don't have salaries, they can be discussed during interview # Slot No. Job title 1 w-1 PMEL SPECIALIST 2 w-2 PMEL SPECIALIST 3 W-29 JET ENGINE & PROPELLER SUPERVISOR 4 w-31 QUALITY CONTROL SUPERVISOR 5
  23. Sounds like a bad speed valve ..... when you change the valve, take a good look at the drive socket in the ADH for excessive wear ..... another culprit could be the scoop anti icing valve - they have a tendency to pop open at high power settings when they get older
  24. The engines have 2 speed settings, low speed ground idle and normal. Low speed is used to start and stabilize the engine, and also to do minimum torque calibration. Engines are generally held in low speed for taxi as it is easier to control oil temperature, than in normal. The #3 engine is sped up to normal to provide extra bleed for a quicker start on the other engines, and to provide air for the air conditioning packs. The APU provides +-40psi air pressure (unloaded) while an engine provides 80 to 100psi, although this is regulated to 70psi on some mod
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