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  1. We were briefed the Evansville crash was caused by using full or almost full rudder deflection away from the simulated engine out while turning into the "dead engine" with the two engines on the outside of the turn pulling the plane around the turn and then the co-pilot centered the rudder. The aircraft turned violently around much like a top and went to a 90 degree bank angle if not greater and fell with almost no forward flight. We had it demonstrated in the simulator for a few years. The first time the plane went to about a 105 degree bank angle. It was a situational awareness failure and not flying at a safe airspeed above VMCA while turning into a simulated out engine.
  2. NATOPS, I agree.I forgot about the blade angle change.:o
  3. Have you checked the speed sensitive valve and components for proper operation and connected properly? Rob air from the turbine section and temps will go up.
  4. Zero in on the 94%.Consider everything that can happen (or not) at that RPM.
  5. RZ, I've had CRS for years. Thanks, 1798 is the one tail number I never can remember for some reason.
  6. "All aircraft were painted anti-corrosion GRAY and had detachable Stars and Bars and Tail numbers held on with screws and rivet nuts." The 130th got our E models from Clark in '75. The unit they were assigned to was deactivated and sent to Clark. Two of those planes had the rivet nuts where the National Star insignia went. Some folks that were around those planes in SEA always said those two had been "gray birds". All planes were '62 E models. 62-1804, 62-1824,62-1784,62-1787,62-1788, 62-1790, 62-1795 and one more that was 62-17xx. Maybe RZ or John Wilson will remember. They all went to Little Rock for the ANG school unit. 1804 & 1824 were delivered new to Charleston AFB, SC in '63 and started out as MAC birds..
  7. I didn't think there would be a president I would loath more than Clinton. I was wrong.
  8. Two were originally going to be taken from WV (130th) and sent to LR. The 130th has H3's they got from Martinsburg, WV (167th). Somehow I don't believe the school house wasn't the destination for the WV birds. It wasn't going to be a "loan" either. The BRAC tried to get all of the H3's from the 130th and failed. Sour grapes? The plan was to take the 8 H2's from Pitt and 8 H2's from Charlie West and start a new AFRES unit at Pope and close the AD unit. Then the left hand spoke the right hand and found out 4 of the H2's from Charlie West were going to be MC-130W's. Then the plan was to combine the 8 H2's from Pitt and the 8 H3's from Charlie West to form the unit. Gee, isn't there a AF reg not allowing crews to be dual H2/H3 qualifed other than numbered AF and AMC command stan eval? This whole mess is largely Congess' fiasco. They didn't fund upgrading the AD C-130 fleet. They threw a large sum of money (not properly accounted for) at the aging E model fleet. Maybe the guys at the Pentagon figured they'd get newer toys?
  9. Using TAS you know what will work. You have a read out for TAS and there's no figuring out what IAS corresponds. They way it was explained to me years ago is props respond to true airspeed. I never questioned the why.
  10. 86%. I missed most of the inflight refueling questions.
  11. The maint. always did a great job in the 130th. The LMs swept the cargo compartment before we got back to home station so the cargo compartment was in order when we left the plane. The crews didn't dog our planes so it was a effort by all.
  12. Actually the differerence between the E's and H's is the H model is built to last more hours before the airframe is worn out. That's why there are H models that seem to be E models with -15 engines.
  13. H-2 1/2 have a glass or semi glass cockpit. I never did get that straight. We couldn't fly on them as we couldn't H-3s. We had Jackson,MS H-2s ('79s IIRc) and then got new '88 H-2s. The newer H-2s we got had the newer seats, a flush toilet, HF antennas in the tail base, AC bus tie switch, laser ring gyro INS, and QD torq tube connects on the main gear (started with acft 88-1301). About every two years some things were different on the H-2s. The unit I was in has H-3s they got from Martinsbug,WV when they transitioned to C-5s.
  14. Tiny, some H2s have the long wire HF antennas and some don't. The '88s didn't have them. Delawares H2s have the luggage rack HF antennas. The '88s have them in the base of the vertical stabilizer.
  15. H1s had the same avionics as an E model. The First H2's had the older type pitot system. It seemed every couple of years the H2s had something different. The 88's were contracted without SKE. It was added later. I didn't miss SKE for those few years without it.
  16. I agree with NATOPS1. I had a safety valve problem on an E model and I had to flip it closed after take off. It was a clogged filter causing the problem. I reckon that's one of the reasons the FE is supposed to close the bleed air vlaves before a dirt field landing (wasn't me).
  17. Our cheif engineer shot them over towards a tee box (in use) when we got water survival refesher training at the county park pool near our ANG base. :cool:
  18. We had an E model that had a problem that involved too much trim to stay on course. It turned out to be a partially busted truss mount. Part of it was broken where the truss mount went through the front spar IIRC. It was found during an ISO and was found by accident. It wasn't on the work card to check that particular item. The guy just happened to look up and see in while in the dry bay to check something else.
  19. Nah, the proper way is to place the TOLD card in front of the flap lever quadrant so when it disappears you ground the plane because it's down with the throttle cables.:eek:
  20. I'd call Warner Robins and put them on it. It would seem there's an unexpected problem with the newer part.
  21. Dave in WV


    I believe they mean no open write ups as in all were corrected before flight and no inspections were due but still flown.
  22. The guys at 40 squadron RNZAF are good to go.
  23. I'll admit I'm biased about J models. I'm a retired FE but I've heard many very experienced Herk pilots state they wanted the navs and FEs when it gets really busy. I'd start out on H models and learn the mission. Having two crew members watching what you're doing and have no control over it will let you know if you scare them. :eek:;)
  24. IIRC the anti-shid is inop below a certain speed. That could be why the pulsing is still felt with the anti-skid off.
  25. If the engines are set up properly you should be able to start them in NULL with no ill effects. Any time the TD system comes into question use NULL to verify the problem.
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