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  1. Leslie I live in LA send me an email [email protected] maybe I'll be abold to help some way.
  2. Yup it is, I know first hand it 97-1352 or 1354 I cant remeber wich of the two.
  3. That incident happen in 1999 or 2000 it was a pre 5.4 software bird so it did not have def. systems yet. I know the crewchief that turn the soft panel off and did not checked for the NLG safety pin or the hard panel, the gear handle was in the up position on the hard panel.
  4. That picture has been sanitized to protect the innocent (aka dumb crewchief and aircrew) it is a Maryland ANG bird.
  5. We miss you at Edwards too Pete :)
  6. Here is a good picture of the de-icing boot its the lighter black area in the black patch above the HF antenna. [ATTACH]1281[/ATTACH]
  7. That black patch is the vertical stab de-icing boot, it inflates with bleed air and balloons up to break up any ice on the stab.
  8. The J-model has 6 or 7 stander 115 volts AC household outlets running at a frequency of 400 Hz. Sorry Pete I could not help myself.
  9. I was TDY to the 139th AW Missouri Air National Guard this summer and found out that the engine run certified crewchiefs are taxi qualify still to this day.
  10. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2009/10/search-underway-for-survivors-off-military-aircaft-crash-off-southern-california-coast.html Looks like a Coast Guard Herk and a Marine Cobra attack helicopter crashed off the cost of San Diego here in California. Just heard on the local news that they are looking for 9 aircrew members, I hope they are ok.
  11. AMP cockpit daytime J-model cockpit They are not the best pictures but I hope they help.
  12. Why should Lockeed help Boeing after Darleen Druyun gave the AMP contract to Boeing illegally. If I was Lockeed I would not help someone (ie. Boeing) with something they cheated me out of, or did you forget about that Pete? http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/33b-rebid-for-c130-avionics-0451/ http://www.seattlepi.com/business/213499_gaoreport25.html
  13. Torque Cal is a 15 min job on a legacy bird, on the amp birds its a two day job because Boeing has to write software to upload to the computers.
  14. Only 91-1239 is an H2.5 the other two are an H2 and H3
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