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  1. I'm looking into the 136th Texas air national guard, and was wondering if anyone was from there?
  2. wish we had those, going around packs with the long cord is a pain.
  3. I'll believe it when I see it.
  4. VMGR-452 is sending 2 planes tomorrow to hual goods from cherrypoint NC to Haiti. Hoping to get on the next rotation!
  5. centerline! thanks for catching that...
  6. Oh ya, there is always something they know that you don't!!! And they always make you feel really dumb for not knowing, lol.
  7. I've seen the ladder in Tool Room, never seen anyone use it though. On one of my check rides the Instructor asked me what the connection points on the Vertical Stab were, luckily I had seen the ladders once before and was one step ahead of him.
  8. Aux tanks are basically cargo weight, the are so close to CG that it won't throw off you weight and balance.
  9. Went to look at the Libyan C-130s on Google maps, and I found a F-22 on the runway 29 over the displaced threshold, thought it was pretty neat.
  10. I know this is a really old thread but I was reading Herk "hero of the skies" and it tells the story of the 'four horseman' and I would love to see more footage of it. I found a short clip on youtube, but it seemed to be just a tease. Thanks for any help!
  11. I am currently a FM for VMGR-452 And this pretty much describes my training. I went through boot camp, Marine Combat Training, then on to Pensacola for water survival training (aircrew candidate school), after candidate school you go over to the navy school house and attend there AD school which is a power plants school where you learn the basics, Then they ship you off to Brunswick Maine where you go to a 2 1/2 week SERE school. After SERE school I was sent to Cherry Point MCAS and went to J model Crew Chief Ground school. From there their was a slot open to VMGR-452 on the "Old Plane" that no one else wanted, I thought it would be neat to learn the old one too, figured the chance wouldn't be there for long. So I got qualified for flight training on the J and left for NY to start FM ground school in house at NY, which was by far the hardest training I had been through. After I passed the ground phase I started flight phase, after completing all my codes and a check ride I finally got pined and received my wings. FE's are picked from the FM but very few do it, most of us get out. I only know three that have tried to become FE's and two of them have dropped out of FE training. I have been pondering the idea of FE training but with a family to take care of it is very hard FE students fly MANY hours to try and learn and get qualified ASAP, and it is not easy. FE training is supposed to be coming to an end but with budget cuts I don't foresee us getting J models soon as promised many times before.
  12. VMGR-452 was supposed to get There J's 2010, now they are saying 2012 until we get our first one then maybe longer for the next. But we are jsut a reserve squadron so active duty had the priority.
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