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  1. its not even worth complaining about anymore we have to deploy to stay profiecient vs. flying locally at cannon based on mx support ( or the lack of) and winds/weather.
  2. they are, now you see my pain
  3. A/R for life, gainfully employed these days at cannon, seems that we are always ETICing for the high wind inspections (and 90% of the time lose the line) that somehow only A/R can do and the crew chiefs on the line can't get signed off on even though its a APG function. but on the side note its a cool coin
  4. join the club, we were told that "there is 300 days of the year for good flying" well so far 300 of those days have been so windy we can't shoot on the range because of fire hazard and the cross winds are too high to even do pro and we can't carry enough gas to go knock out a good dry fire either. smart move on the part of polotics
  5. we flew the 2 H-model gunships there and sent about 20 people besides the aircrews from the squadron to attend, these take our first priority over anything when they come up, i think we've done 4 in the past 2 years.
  6. you post seems a bit jumbled in the wording, but you can grab a copy on e-pubs AFSOC 11-201
  7. they still use them, gyrojets i believe or others call them pen flares
  8. you should sent them where ever the HC/EC guys go which i believe is up in tacoma
  9. the sooner the better on the J's these H's are tired a and not getting the required attention they need
  10. straight out of the -1 on the AC-130H side of the house
  11. no kind of "cool" aircraft is worth volunteering to go to afcannonstan
  12. we haven't killed live stalk in at least 2 trips, and if we did i'm sure a bad dude was hiding behind it :D
  13. for those who attend the 16th will be doing a flyover during the service to pay its respects
  14. friendly fire incident waiting to happen, poor training plan and in a rush to get it done
  15. sent it to what ever is in the global but it sounds like it was probably the wrong one rick
  16. hay al sent you some e-mail in reguards to the SIM at the end of the month i'll be coming to get my refresher on, shoot me back some e-mail to let me know the schedule rick
  17. i suspect we will end up haveing a similar set up
  18. its all bs, i suspect it will last until the SIB is done it is going to be painful but at least we at CVS are rolling into the warmer part of the year so hopefully the pain will be minimal, shooting de-icing fluid all around would of been the smart thing but hind site is 20/20 on another note I brought it up to my CC about when we have to run for fuel contol, prop change etc. and you have to pitchlock the prop with the fuel governing check switches, our -1 says that its a mx function only unless of course your FCF qualled so thats one more thing that one would have to schedule around besides crew rest etc what a pain in the butt
  19. Because of this mishap we had a FCIF come out from HQ AFSOC on Thurs afternoon and the short version is Aircrew will run engines for mx if either of these conditions are present, 32 F or below snow and ice anything above ground idle and if max power is required we have to take it to the runway to do so another great knee jerk reaction :eek:
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