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    Collecting 1/43 scale Model vehicles


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    Ten years on fighters,F-86F's,F-100F's,C,D's,F-102A's! C-130B,E,H,P,N Models. Retired USAF 1978.

    Present time,President of The Eaker Chapter of The Distinguished Flying Cross Society, Sherwood,Ar.
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  1. Minha I was always told opinions are like fannies everyone has one! As is said today back in the day you used low speed ground idle to keep from blowing the girls watching mini skirts up!
  2. #3 unless for some reason the others needed to be cranked first!
  3. Lay on your belly and put all of your body under the bottom bump of the revetment barrier! Barring a direct hit your butt was safe!
  4. Click here: 463rd Airlifters Association Dyess has 50 year Celebration in April. Info at the bottom of the page!
  5. Bill he's a member of our Chapter! Eaker Chapter DFC Society!
  6. Here's 3 enlisted SSGT David Glover,SSGT Donald Kannel,A1C David Chaney! Lars says crashed attempting go around,list with names just says landing,Bao loc,SVN
  7. I have the lists but,do you have the area?
  8. The only time the knife came in handy for me was on a rare date to Okinawa one of the bar hookers grabbed it when she layed her hand on my leg and you guess it from there!!!LOL
  9. Ralph,I worked 102 Post Dock 62-64! I'm sure your memory is exact I remember all kinds of problems from humidity!
  10. Yes Sir and it was this Month! COLD AND SNOWY!
  11. Is this the Barracks that was straight up the hill from the Chow Hall? Really steep hill when coming from the EL Peon\'s Casa! 62-64!
  12. (This is a proposal from the NLR Airport Director,and our Chapter,any and all that can respond to them PLEASE do. All info is at the bottom of this read EMAIL response!)Thank You,to Casey. Ladies and Gentlemen, As a fellow member of the Eaker Chapter of the Distinguished Flying Cross Society, I am in complete support of naming an airport street in memory of Jack Davis. This would be a great tribute to this talented man who was a great asset to the North Little Rock Airport. After hearing the suggestion of renaming the North Little Rock Airport the \"Jack Davis Memorial Airport\", I think that would be a greater tribute to this fine American. Not many people can live one lifetime and have more positive influence on the aviation world than Mr. Davis. Please consider this proposal and list my name among those in support of renaming the North Little Rock Airport the \"Jack Davis Memorial Airport.\" Thank you, Gordon L. Hartley, U S Air Force Retired Eaker Chapter Member Jacksonville, Arkansas Willie Elizandro, Director North Little Rock Airport 204 Aviation Way North Little Rock, AR 72120 [email protected] Office: (501) 835-5654 FAX: (501) 835-2259 Cell: (501) 680-4599
  13. Don R. I was in the 56th ARRS same time frame as you describe. Jim Welborn(Big Dog) was my roommate! Gordon
  14. Gene\'s Family is taking him to West Virgina for Funeral!
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