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  1. Flaming turd was used up until late 81, early 82 when the Lowenbrau lion replaced it.
  2. BDR: as you can appreciate the stories you hear, don't always reflect what actually happened. Especially when told by GI's. Things always get left out or exaggerated/embellished. Thanks for sharing the real story.
  3. DynCorp had been running C-27As out of Patrick for several years. It was my understanding that only the Puddle Pirates and USASOC were operating the C-27Js. Perhaps the USCG is stationing Js at Patrick. We've got 3 USASOC Js operating out of Laguna AAF, providing elevator lifts for the Military Freefall School, doing the mission that was previously conducted by Casa 212s. Tragic to have so much capability being used in such a limited manner.
  4. Bob; There was a rumor roughly 18 months ago that the 2 H's were potentially for sale. Several people were pursuing with enthusiasm and even putting together plans to move them up to the States. Then as with a lot of these things it all went quiet and nothing since.
  5. The AF started off down the RPA road with the notion that if it flies, it's flown by an O. However, there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Lords of the Clouds when many of them either didn't get to strap on a 15, 16, or 22, or the ones who were already there and not quite "acceptable", or had done the River Dance on their .... got moved out of the cockpit and into the trailer, parked up out in the wilds of NV. Knowing the Big Blue Wiener they must have gotten tired of Buck, Troy and Skippy kicking, screaming and throwing their Teddy bears across the room, so it as time to mo
  6. Hey Don, how can I get a copy of that photo? That bird off your left wing is wearing my old colors. Flew for TIA back in 78 - 79. Spent 4 tours flying the DIAMANG hump between Luanda and Dundo (general trash twice a day, 5 days a week, Benson tanks hauling fuel on Sat. and Sun.), with side trips to Benguela for fish and many other glamorous locations.
  7. As we used to say "the best thing about being TDY at Pope was not not having to be there PCS".
  8. Yeah, it was a tough day at the salt mine and the fat fingers just weren't in sync with the brain.
  9. I'd love to know who gets to decide this stuff. For sure they don't look at longivity, lineage, etc. When I arrived at LRAFB back in 74 the Five O was the mutz nutz. They'd blown in from CCK/SEA with a reputation that few could rival. I was in the 32nd and while we considered ourselves to be the top squadron on base if were really honest most of us secretly wanted to be a Red Devil. I did get to fly with them quite extensively during Desert Shield/Storm because I was at Dhahran with 5th MAPS and we flew in theatre in order to maintain proficiency/ currency one day a week, on our day
  10. RR 130/Fred: It's a DOD R&D project therefore, you can't focus on how much it will cost to purchase the equipment, modify the aircraft and install; it's all about the maximum number of people that can put on the JON for the longest possible duration.
  11. 62nd TAS lost a bird in 1982 (Apr/May I think), it was a locked and cocked spare that was launched out on a night tac line when the regularly scheduled aircraft crapped out. The crew did a rapid transition to the spare, with minimal/no pre-flight and all onboard perished when the right wing came off, very soon after take-off, as they attempted to catch-up with the formation headed N. I believe the official finding was PIlot Error, due to overstressing the aircraft. I'd tried to fly a day tac on this particular aircraft with students the day prior and had scanned problems with # 3 engine
  12. MHeflin


    Casey; Thanks for the compliment, but all the credit for how good it looks goes to the contractors we brought in; who were amazing. Concur completely with your comment. For those of us with both an emotional and historic attachment to the Mighty Herk, it is deeply painful to see them lined up at the AMARC waiting to be turned into beer cans. Or, parked alone, unattended and derelict at some desolete location, rotting into oblivion. The catalyst for this project began with a TDY to Aberdeen Proving Ground. I was tasked to conduct the test loading of prototype vehicles being offered to
  13. MHeflin


    Had trouble yesterday getting the images to load. Also, opening line should have been "been meaning to post this for quite some time", but fat-fingered incorrectly.
  14. MHeflin


    I've been meaning to do this for quite some time, but not managed to get around to it. I had the honor of leading the project to construct the site and relocate 0496 from Hemet Valley, CA to US Army Yuma Proving Ground, AZ, where she serves as an Air Transportability Test Bed.
  15. Bob, Request clarification on some of your abbreviations (WFU, etc). Also, you list HC-130Hs with an (N), but HC-Hs converted to AR tankers were originally designated as Ps. I know things changed a few years ago and they re-designated things to line up. Otherwise great job and your hard work is much appreciated.
  16. Thanks guys for the info/update. It's one thing to get confused on a tail number, it's something else when you swear that you remember an incident which never happened. Scarey stuff.
  17. It's funny how things suddenly pop into your head out of nowhere. Back in early 75 I flew my first solo TDY as a qualified LM out of LR (32nd TAS) onboard 72-1293. Spent a week shuttling cargo/ pax all over the E. coast supporting a TAC fighter excercise and came back to LR thinking I was the coolest thing to have ever put on a flight suit and knew everything there was to know about being a Tac-Trained Killer; because that's what you do when you're 19 years old. In April the squadron put us all on standby to deploy to SE Asia late one night for the evacuation of Saigon and I was assigned
  18. Which brings up an interesting point.... any feedback from the NYANG? Didin't they have one/some of their aircraft modified with the 8-blade props? Be interested to see some data on how it worked out. Back in the early J-model days the Dowty 6-blade did have some issues with delamination but I understand that's been cured.
  19. Fred, Bob; Many thanks for the input/update. The bird we used was primo low-time and in excellent condition as it was not getting beaten up passing gas all day, every day. Not doubt the sister ship is in similar condition.
  20. The boot necks used to have several KC-130T-30s (Stretch) that operated out of Newburgh, NY and I believe Fort Worth (Carswell), TX. I did the initial extraction/deployment of the UAV for the Killer Herk program (UAV is extracted, flies down range, identifies target, the Herk launches a Hellfire, target destroyed, high fives, RTB for beers) out of one of the birds from Newburgh back in 09. Great crew. Those birds were never podded for AR and were just used to haul ass, trash and conduct airdrop. It's my understanding that they were transferred over to the Navy and been re-designated as C-130T-
  21. In 92 I PCSed from 5th MAPS @ MHZ to Alconbury in order to establish the AD Flight. The 39th SOW (the precursor to the current 352nd SOG) was transitioning over from RM, but the TIs stayed and we had about 3 - 4 months to get things ready before the arrival of the TIIs. I was part of the 7th SOS TII initial cadre and in fact the first LM from the 39th to go through the full-blown TII training (the previously qualified TI guys just had to do a mini conversion course) that had just been set up at Kirkland. I remember the day that the very first TII arrived on the ramp @ Alconbury. All of us were
  22. HC-130s used the callsign King back in the ARRS days. The 67th ARRS had an unofficial patch (the 53 helo guys wore the Jolly Green patch on their left sleeve (yes left) and we all wore the ARRS patch on our right sleeve) in the mid-70s depicting a crown hanging off a letter K, which had been used by the ARRS units in SE Asia. Not sure if this is relevent to your question, but hopefully it might assist.
  23. It's the proverbial dog chasing it's tail In today's world you don't just slap in a few COTS pieces, crank-up, taxi out and let rip. One of the big selling points for the C-17 was it's use of COTS DC-10-type cockpit instruments, MDS, etc.Saves money right? All was well until approx. shipset 45 came down the line. When Boeing went to re-order additional COTS parts for the next 50 shipsets they found that the manufacturer no longer made for example version 1.0 of that particular component/system; they'd moved on to version 2.0. Commercial aircraft being built today aren't designed to be flown fo
  24. The developmental test world is littered with the rotting carcasses of programs which have been touched by self proclaimed experts hoping to become a legend and forever remembered as the man/woman who..... Then they leave, move up, get out (D. all the above), the new expert/s arrives and things are either modded, go stagnent, or get cancelled. Like most things in the active duty you live and die by a 3 year window of criticality; the normal stateside duration of assignment. Requirments drive testing. Requirements are firmly established long before testing is approved. Change costs money. Lots
  25. When does this madness end? The entire military procurement system and aviation in particular has gone completely off the track, yet continues to race on at an increasingly alarming rate of speed. Take your pick: KC-46,,,, a 767 at/near the end of it's useful commercial life however, it's not going to hit the flightline in force until 2017/18 afer 4 - 5 years of development and several boatloads of money being spent. F-35.... a technological marvel, innovative, complex, cutting edge, but we all know that at some point Congress is going to eventually pass a kidney stone and claim they had no id
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