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  1. May I ask your first name?

  2. Looking for members of the 605th during 1981-1983. This was my first active duty station and have very many fond memories. I am an old retired Crew Chief and have been all over the world on the Herc and am still working with the her as a field rep for LM.
  3. I was stationed in Guam 82-83 with the 605th MASS (54th WRS) and I remember that if you stood at the end of the runway (cliff) you could still see the tail sticking up out of the jungle below. If this is the crash you are referring to.
  4. Lars Olausson Örnsuddevägen 234 S-530 32 Satenas Sweden email: [email protected]
  5. Think I will check it out as well. I have been with the C-130 over 30 years now and often wondered why no crew chiefs ever wrote a book of the adventures, but then, most couldn't write too good. I sure could add some funny stories. I have been truly blessed with this aircraft!
  6. Just saw this post today. I was at Anderson from Jan 1982 - Aug 1983. I was a crew chief. Perhaps our paths crossed. I remember Trice Sullins and another guy in the engine shop known as "Bones". In the crew chief section then, I worked for MSgt Patterson and Sgt "Kid" Curry was my senior crew chief.
  7. Both use the same QEC therefore the same transport/test stands. There are many differences in the engine itself. Compressor has 5 stages of varible vanes, RGB drives off of the 2 stage turbine.
  8. I was a crew chief in the 605th MASS flying typhoons out of guam with the 54th. Good times!
  9. Congrats Mark! Now what? I retired in 03 and now work for Lockheed. They still have FE's working here. They pre-flight and fly on the J's. Something to think about. Best wishes!
  10. Now that is where the flight engineer comes in. He coalcocks the AC and everything is okay! ;)
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