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  1. It was 0534 Sonny. I helped take the DVS tub off of it so they could use it to add SCNS to the ex-navy LC Ski birds. It was a bitch getting it out. They were generous with the use of sealant. Once we got as much sealant cut as possible, we used my Toyota jack between the upper cap and the tub to POP it out! Tiny
  2. Makes sense to use the E. That way, the original install drawings don\'t change.
  3. Back in 1967, two HH3 helos (13280 & 13281) flew from the U.S. to the Paris airshow non-stop, with 9 refuels. I can\'t find any info on what aircraft refueled them. Anyone have any idea what tail numbers did the refueling?? http://www.aeroworldnet.com/his.htm Tiny
  4. The oxygen bottle location changes were actually in the 130H-GE-00-1. Thanks to Mike Bischoff for reminding me.
  5. Only the slick E models at Moody have what I consider the gay smile. 62-1863 is our frankentanker ex-ABtripC airplane, and it does not, I repeat, does not have the teeth.
  6. Just in case any of you wanted to know, and I dug this up after assisting with an anti-skid problem. The self test switch sends 26VAC 400Hz to two of the 4 identical circuit cards in the control box, either FWD or AFT. The 400Hz voltage is knocked down and sent thru the transducer coils back to the appropriate circuit card, basically simulating wheel rotation. Releasing the switch causes the loss of the 400Hz rotation signal, causing the system to think the brakes locked up. This send a pulse to the valve circuit and test light circuit, making the light flash. I share this as nothing in
  7. The bottles were moved when the sextant was removed from the 245 wall. There was a lot of real estate available, so the bottles were moved back there. Personally, it seems better if the armor is installed to have them mounted back there. BUT, I\'m not a crew member that would require a portable oxygen bottle at a millisecond\'s notice, so my opinion is not worth these keystrokes. Maybe someone who was in the circumstance to need the bottle next to the seat can chime in. There was a message/TCTO that came out moving the bottles back to the positions next to the seats. I\'d have to d
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