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  1. That is sad, but at least he is at peace and not suffering.
  2. The hotel still stands, spent 70 days or so in there, 1977, waiting to get an apartment off base, in Klein Gerau.
  3. Not sure when it was taken down, seems it was there when we visited the area around 2006. That whole area is ramp now.
  4. The old terminal being torn down at Rhein Main.
  5. That's why I was an avionics guys.
  6. Good point. I don't have access to any working C-130s anymore.
  7. Don't know if this is what you are looking for or not.
  8. From 1C-130B-1 I would guess that every 10 percent is 3.5 degrees, that's using old math. I don't know how it would come out using common core math. Can't find anything on clearance.
  9. I wonder how many parts I replaced on that gal.
  10. All equipment on the bird is manufactured to work +/- 20 Hz. This is out of the -23GS: 40 kVA Engine-Driven Generator The phase-to-phase voltage is 200 VAC. The generator is connected as a 3-phase wye circuit with a grounded neutral. The output frequency range is from 380 to 420 Hz.
  11. Nice story Sam, to those of us who weren't fighting in that arena. I was a few years late.
  12. I really don't see the reason for it, but it is in all of the books. Maybe it has something to do with the 3 phase power used by the cargo compartment recirculation fan.
  13. That tail number sounds familiar... can't find my C-130 Bible from Lars. Oh, nevermind, an AWADS aircraft for sure.
  14. I worked on all the trash haulers, Black birds and 18 series aircraft as well, being a RADAR/Nav guy. So many memories of flying low-levels with the ramp open, and the TDY's to Glyfada.
  15. I only have a pristine C-141 Nav table ashtray.
  16. The only IPC is in that book.
  17. I can find no explanation in any book.
  18. No one can send you the T.O., except the Logistics Depot. The T.O.s are listed, and the part has been replaced by p/n 16430-1.
  19. Way to go. Funny no one did a proper Op Ck after the mod. Of course, everyone assumes that once the SCNS is shut down. everything turns off. I don't know who initially caught that problem, but it was probably a fluke.
  20. I went to an Avionics Traing class there, they provided a tour. I don't have any connections. This media contact was on their website, at least a place to start. Stephanie StinnOffice: (770) 494-0489Cell: (678) 761-6687 Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield. Stone Mountain, but that's a drive on the East side of Atlanta. Have lunch at the "Big Chicken", just ask.
  21. I don't work anymore and couldn't send it to you anyway. You would have to contact your Foreign Military Sales person and see if you can get a copy.
  22. I would take the ignition relay from another engine and put it on the suspect engine. Put the new relay on the other engine. This will confirm whether it is the engine, or a problem with the new relays.
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