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  1. Fire the flares out of the Safety Valve in the back. The hatches are too much to deal with. QUESTION: If these guys have NO C-130 knowledge..... who is flying the plane?
  2. In this case, you can also have a broken wire on a disengage switch or the G/A switch. You would need to locate the terminal board under the center console and remove the wires to check for continuity to rule out each switch. I'm sure the issue is fixed by now, but just adding info!
  3. That is an EMI Filter pin for sure.
  4. WRONG! Pulling the T-handle does NOT provide power to discharge the fire bottles. Pulling the T-handle does nothing more than actuate the valves on the system to direct the agent to the appropriate engine. It also cuts fuel, bleed air, oil pumps, feathers the prop, etc. as stated above. However, at ANY TIME you can press the agent discharge switch to the 1 or 2 position and the agent will discharge BY DEFAULT to the #2 engine at anytime, provided no T-handles are pulled. If any of the T-handles are pulled, it will discharge to that particular engine or the APU based on valve positions.
  5. I think you should take that top notch Guidance & Control guy's advice and check for power issues going to the valve. The issue isn't in your plumbing at all. You have to think outside the box! From what I know, he's almost a genious. Stick with him and you might learn a thing or two!
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