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  1. Thanks for your help. I'll pass this on. I don't see a section in our Dash three that has a 59-199-00. Our only go up to 57-199-00.
  2. Ok now that I have the right story, it appears as though they wanted to know about the Pork Chop fitting. That's where they're having problems understanding finding info for. Sorry. about the confusion.
  3. Is anyone aware of where I might find instructions for the removal and installation of the shelf brckets? The -3 is not very clear on this issuse. Thanks.
  4. I can make a few calls across the street. and see what shakes out.
  5. Try TO 9H2-4-44-23 and see if that helps. That's the book for O/H of the Elveator booster mech. Hope this helps. If not having a part number would help finding a diiferent TO.
  6. TC001

    T.O. needed

    To 1C-130H -2-00GE-00-1 Sec Pages 5-280.6 thru 5-284 Removal & install of the vert stab. Pages 5-284.1 thru 5-286.1 Removal & install of the horiz stab.
  7. Maybe this will help: 1C-130H-4-25-00-1 Fig 1 Index 5 #665-501 Usable on code -(E) pilots seat assy Also might have what you're looking for on the scanners seat. Another possibly, TO 13A6-91-11 Hope this helps.
  8. Yep, there were quite a few eggs launched out of the sexton port back in the day. It would really iratate the crew chiefs when they had to clean up the mess of of the vertiacl stab.
  9. In the C-130H-2-00GE-00-1, section 5, page number 5- 280.6 starts with the removal and installation procedures on the vertical stab. Also in the same section, page 5-284.2 show the same for the horizontal stab. Holler if you need anymore help.
  10. According to TO 1C-130h-2-00GE-00-1,the outer wing weight is 3962 lbs dry.Engine dry weight is 2946 lbs.And the prop is 1076 lbs. Hopefully this helps.
  11. I'm glad to see Sam make it to retirement. I have had the privilege over the years of having Sams brain to pick. He's been a goldmine of information. I spent many a night with him and a bottle of Scotch having him beat systems into to me when we were at Yokota. Enjoy retirement "Old Man" ,you've earned it.
  12. We had a Maint.crew jump the chocks out at Hill back in may 1996. Ended up ripping the nose gear off the aircraft and sending it right through 245, It was a mess.
  13. I don't know what access you have to TO's, but I'm thinkng 1C-130H-4-25-1 might have what you're looking for. If not I'll see about chasing down another TO.
  14. What model aircraft is it? Didn't see that in the post anywhere.
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