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  1. Write Up: FE Seat needs adjustment. Action: Advise Navigator to stop leaning on seat, or assume a Captain Kirk posture!
  2. Yeah, and the crew chief that stole the Herk at Mildenhall was sitting on the rear ramp of this bird drinking a Budweiser and smoking a Kool! I just love some of these stories! Kurt
  3. I heard the same thing Sam. It has been rumored that the "Dallas Casket" had to completely disappear so that it would never be a national archived item...... The drop was supposed to have been somewhere off of Nantucket, in a corridor that JFK liked to sail in. "He said, she said, rumor's, and so many stories........" Who the heck will ever know! Kurt
  4. airnav

    Mil Specs

    Poor guy and/or gal! Has to be a Naval Academy Graduate / former ship-driver! Who in the hell would put up with a career, writing sh-t like this! This is actually GOOD NEW'S! At least I deal with a little office time aside from flying. Having to think about things like this makes my salary cut-back a little more appreciative! Kurt
  5. airnav

    Crew ID?

    Great toon! It reminds me of a bird colonel that bounced in heavy (THREE TIMES ACTUALLY), and the flight engineer said, "Great series of landing's sir. Are you going to log all of them?" That was one of the best smart ass comments I ever heard. Kurt
  6. Damn guy's, nothing really surprises me anymore......especially with this new government. If congress had a moment of silence for Michael Jackson, then I should not have been surprised that Ted Kennedy will get a plot at Arlington. Let's just all look at the bright side and be gratified that Merrill McPeak didn't become SecDef! Kurt
  7. GEORGE SIMONS----------------Wow! What a NAVIGATOR! Shut down all nav systems and the man will get you there. A stop watch, chart, and celestial..........he was/is the best! Kurt P.S. For the younger Nav's on this site, take heed to the "old fashioned" nav techniques. If, (and it will happen) GPS ever shuts down.....get ready.
  8. GEORGE SIMONS----------------Wow! What a NAVIGATOR! Shut down all nav systems and the man will get you there. A stop watch, chart, and celestial..........he was/is the best! Kurt P.S. For the younger Nav's on this site, take heed to the "old fashioned" nav techniques. If, (and it will happen) GPS ever shuts down.....get ready.
  9. I'm very dismayed about his internment at Arlington. However, I do respect the view's of the members of this board as honorable serving members and veteran's of this country that I love so much. In my opinion, does Ted Kennedy deserve internment at Arlington........NO! What is the criteria anyway? Again, in my "opinion" the first criteria would be 1) A uniform. 2) HONORABLE MILITARY service. 3) Creditable citizenship. Be that as it may, we all must honor and respect the First Amendment that we serve, and continue to show such duty to the generations that follow. Kurt P.S. Damn! That sounded good. Maybe I should run for office.......... I'll grab a Coor's out of the fridge and ponder this one.
  10. Whoa! Those pic's remind me of my ex-wife on a Sunday morning! Kurt
  11. airnav

    Guns and Trucks

    Yep! You are right on track Tiny. I love the 10/22, and my all time personal favorite "hog leg", a S&W Mod. 686 .357 Magnum w/ a 4" barrel. A perfect afternoon is a bucket of KFC, ice cold Coke's, and sitting on the tailgate of my pickup plinking away at coffee cans. Watching the yuppies trying to "spray and pray" with their 9mm Beretta's adds to the humor factor. Kurt
  12. The Best= Believe it or not........it was Keflavik, Iceland during a Christmas Holiday. Some of the best partying I have ever done! Made some lasting friendships on that one. Those folks showed us some real hospitality and Christmas cheer. The Medium=Red Flag Excercises. I was going through a divorce during one of them, and it's a wonder how in the hell I didn't end up in jail. Whew! The best looking red heads in CONUS! The Worst=Presidential Support for Jimmy Carter. I'll never forget that one. Remember the white water rafting trip he demanded that he take with the First Fam? What a cluster f--k! The Bottom of the Sewer Pit=Somalia. Nuff' said! Again......the political numb nut's decisions were tragic and I'm still embarassed to this day. Kurt
  13. Does anyone have any additional information of the T-Bird's crash in 1982? It involved 4 or 5 team members that flew their T-38's onto the desert floor near Nellis. I have always pondered as to what other info. there is. Kurt
  14. airnav

    KC-135 Question

    As much as I love to pull the chain's and rein's of co-pilots (Airspeed Control Officers), I have to take my fishing hat off to those SAC B-52 and KC-135 co-pilots. They were basically FE's in their own right. Their systems knowledge was/is top notch because of the standards that originated from Gen. Lemay, and his promotion standards for lieutenants and junior captains.......they either received an aircraft commander slot and/or a "spot promotion". If they didn't cut it, they were booted out with no remorse.
  15. Hey Dan, Tell everyone on the board about the time you almost murdered the "Wedge" when he was your roomie during a TDY. I still crack up laughing when I remember how you described the incident. Kurt
  16. Whoa! I had to get a sixth cup of coffee for that post. Well done my good man! Kurt
  17. I was wondering if anyone has any stories/pic's they would like to post of Bob Hope during his USO performance tours in Vietnam. This would be a great thread, and tribute to one of Herky's beloved passengers. Kurt
  18. I'm a closet geek when it comes to these things........I actually collect them. After I've had them awhile, I will see if museums, or individuals are intersted in them for display/souvenir purposes. I'll check the cabinet and see if I have any extras. If so, I'll contact you and get your address. No charge! Kurt P.S. e-Bay is a good source. I once saw, and purchased an E-6B from the early 40's. All brass w/ engraved numerals and letters.
  19. airnav

    Pontiac AZTEC

    Just so very safe to transport children in! Damn.......I'd rather fly with a hung-over co-pilot than take my chances with one of those recycled beer can's! Kurt
  20. airnav

    Rc c-130

    Roger that! I wouldn't mind having a scale Herk of that size hanging from the ceiling in my study/den. Kurt
  21. I seem to remember being told that it was around '75 to '76. But with all the Budweiser and Jack Daniels brain fuel additives throughout the year's I could be mistaken....... Kurt
  22. airnav

    Rc c-130

    That is some very impressive work! I would like to see some updates for his flight's, and other pictures. Congratulations Frank! Kurt
  23. This was the laugh that I needed today. Hell, for the entire week! So very true, and well researched. Kudo's! Kurt
  24. Ha! Ha! That is a great pic Tiny. Kurt
  25. airnav

    For airnav

    Sorry Don, Try [email protected] Thanks again, Kurt
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