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New cargo handling vehicle for C-130

Anupam Chandra

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Hello all,

I'm from Indian Institute of Technology- Madras, India where we've been working with Lockheed Martin to develop a cargo handling vehicle, named Cargo Ground Buildup System (CGBS), for supporting C-130's operations at austere locations where there's an unavailability of material handling equipment and infrastructure. Attached is a flyer for CGBS and an animation of the working of the vehicle can be seen here. 


I would like to get the opinions of the experts in this community about our product. Also, I welcome any and all suggestions on how I can estimate the number of such vehicles that would possibly be required by countries operating the C-130.





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remember modifying the vehicle ramps with rollers on top, skids on the bottom. open the ramp till just above ground, flip out the 

vehicle ramps, and start taxiing slowly while the loadies push pallets out - fastest unload other than LAPES.


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Your animation of the C-130 ramp and door is incorrect. The cargo door does not lower WITH the cargo ramp as in your animation. You should look at the ramp and door opening and closing operation on a real C-130. This would give you more info to help you design your unloader. The ramp angle when lowered is much sharper in real life and you need a transition ramp such as the vehicle ramps carried on most C-130's which attach to the edge of the ramp for vehicle loading/ unloading.Just a few details I noticed while looking at your clip. Good Luck.

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From the look of it I am sure it is going to be another white elephant for the following reasons.

  •  when the propulsion and hydraulic systems are added to this it is going to be another bulky and ugly piece of equipment which everyone hate to use.
  • a simple fork lifter eg. Hyster, can do all this job with less complication.
  • this vehicle cannot be accomodated on the C 130 ramp and going to occupy a signifacan amount of cargo space.
  • if everything else fails the c 130 and c 17 crew can always combat off load its cargo for sure.
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