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405 oops


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On ‎4‎/‎22‎/‎2020 at 4:53 PM, casey said:

Retract on engine start?  The AF had a J do that a while back.


3 and 4 do not drive the Hyd system used to retract the gear and it looks like only those two engines were started (because they are now feathered) so this is a mystery... unless this is an A model that still has the hyd systems split between the wings.

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12 hours ago, Spectre623 said:

It don't appear to be an A model as it has fuel dump masts on the wing tips.  I can only see one drain mast on the bottom of the engines also as the A model has two drain masts.

it is a C130B, redesignated C130BZ after glass cockpit, APU and 

other upgrades and mods.

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21 hours ago, Spectre623 said:

Do you know the Lockheed SN or AF tail # ?  I crewed B models at Clark 69-70.

It appears to be SAAF 405 which was a C-130B later modified to a C-130BZ , Lockheed S/N 3765 originally assigned to the 28 Squadron.


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