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Nacelle preheat system inoperative E Model


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On 5/31/2020 at 7:08 AM, tinyclark said:

I couldn't find an old TCTO that made the system inoperational. This note was in the old 130B-2-4. There is also no mention of C-130B or E having it in TO 1C-130H-2-70GS-00-1.



 Dear Tiny, 

 I have all these information, but I want to know when this is inoperative on B & E aircrafts. Intialy which TCTO, Service nees, service later or SB issued for these system to inoperative .tnx


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All the aircraft in B,E,H series had the electrical control provisions installed from the overhead panel to the nacelle, but few ever had the valves or diffusers installed in the nacelles to make this work.  I suspect only the aircraft for arctic service had the complete kit installed.

A note: many mods later on used the nacelle pre-heat wiring to run new items such as the chip detector TCTO on US Coast Guard Aircraft. I also think the wiring may have been repurposed for augmented oil cooling system for ground use.

Disclaimer: It's been a while.

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To the original poster:

I believe you may be backwards here.  The system wasn't made in-operative, it was only made operative when needed.

Was a provision that could be added for nacelle pre-heat more than a system that was in-op.

This Service News agrees with what n1dp stated.


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ye i dont think system is de-activated. even though we dont have it on our birds, many QEC kits

have the wiring and c/plug. It's a standard check for us in test cell if a new engine will not rotate

when starter button is pressed to then turn on nacelle pre-heat. If it then rotates, we know the shop

got the starter and  pre-heat c/plugs swapped around

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