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What Non-Herks did you maintain?

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B-707, B727, B737, B767, B747, DC8, DC9, L-1011, Buffalo, Twin Otter, ATR42. ATR72,Dash8, CRJ200,Embraer 145

By the way!!...I am for Premier Aviation now. Premier is also in Rome NY!!!".Our guys sometime go down there.!!

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forgot one
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1. T-28 B & C

2. TC-45J, C-47J, C-117D, HU-16, C131

3. C-1A

4 RA-5C, A3D, TA-4F

5. TH-1L, UH-1E

6. RH-53D

7 TH-1L, UH-1E again

8 F-14A

9. SH-3G

10 F-14A again

The T-28 gig was a super opportunity to learn the Recip trade, about 120 of them in VT-2.

I loved the R-1830 (C-47) best, once one became accustomed to the counterweights rattling on start up and idle.

Most airframes with same engines (R-1820), T-28/HU-16/C-117D/C-1A. I trained in basic recip engines on the R-3350 in AD-1 or 2 Skyraiders, later Advanced recip training in AD-5 Skyraider. I had minimum working experience on the R-3350 but did crew a good many trips in the Lockheed P2V-Neptune, a sweet running engine when after parking I would drop down at the nose strut (as I recall) and carefully make my way to insert the landing gear pins in each receptacle. What a sound those 18 cylinders at a bit above idle made. Upon converting to ADJ Jet engine mech, RA-5C was my jet introduction-I thought it was a Beast, still do. A great amount of squadron folks had been in them for a long time, didn't know any better I thought. Beautiful airplane in flight, but a ball buster to maintain. I did enjoy high power turns, lighting the burners in and out causing the nose to slide down and up on the nose strut. I did nine years on real engines, only switched to jets so could advance in rate, recips were a dead end with no upward mobility. I appreciated helicopters more than the pure jets, their complicated machinery reminded me of the recip days. Still have no love for pure turbines-Run outside to gawk whenever a radial passes overhead, which is few and far between nowadays.

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A F-102 sqd. was sent to Naha in 1965 TDY, and got PCS orders while there. I spent about 30 days with them while one of the mechanics took a 30 day leave.

Everyone in that Sqd got to take a 30 day leave.

About all I did was pull fuel access panels from under the wings. They seemed to have fuel leaks after each flight.

I couldn't take anymore of it so I went back to D section.

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Here is an aircraft none of you have seen and I will bet everyone will have to look it up.


I worked on 2 of them at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford. It was the only jet powered aircraft I encountered that had an oil consumption chart in the aircraft log book for the jet engines. The aircraft was powered by 4 J47s jet engines. All oil from the rear turbine bearings was drained over board. P&W used both aircraft for testing the P100 jet engine.

Also, worked on T28A (1495) model at El Centro NAF in southern California. A model was powered by Wright R1300. Great aircraft to learn recip. engine craft on. My time spent on the T28A helped me at Spartan after the air force.

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After getting laidoff at lockheed, I worked at a small private airport in North Ga.

We had a bounch of old fabric coverd planes. Back then you could buy one for about $2000.

The owner showed me some ruts in the runway and told me a C-130 had touched down there but took off and didn't stop.

I guess a touch and go.

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