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Updated 12/22/08 I just got 57-0472! Now i need 10. Bob

I thought I\'d throw in a pitch to see if I can get some help locating pictures of A Models.

Any pics are great but these 11A\'s I have nopt been able to fiind:

56-0474 PACAF A, burned on the ramp at Naha in 1963

56-0476 PACAF A, later NH ANG and RG AFRES bird To SVAF now stored at Tan Son Nhut

56-0477 PACAF A shot down on a Blind Bat flight Laos in 1968

56-0488 Sewart A crashed in the traffic pattern at Sewart in in 1962

56-0510 PACAF A hit mountain in Laos in 1970 flown by Air America

56-0515 USAFE A crashed in the traffic Pattern Bitburg GE in 1965

56-0526 USAFE A mid air in France 1958

57-0467 PACAF A hit a bulddozer on take off Dak To Written off after landing Cam Ranh Bay in 1967.

57-0468 PACAF A crashed in the traffic pattern Ashiya Japan in 1959

57-0472 PACAF A later CA ANG A to SVAF and returned to USAF to US Army at Ft Bragg for a paratroop trainer. May still be there? Could someone at Pope check it out?

57-0475 PACAF A first USAF loss in SEA crashed at Korat in 1965.

Since all but three of these were lost before my first flight as a 130 crew member in 1969, 39 years ago, I know they will be hard to find, but I hope there may be some old pics hidden out there.

Any help would be appreciated.



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56-0477 is sitting on the ramp at Sav IAP being used as a fire dept trainer right now, it came to Sav in the 80\'s to be used as a BDA trainer but it is still intact. Look at Sav near the middle of the runways near the fire house you should see a lone 130 not far from the ANG ramp.

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Unfortunately, the flareships picture is too large for the Forum. It is on a page off of my home page though. Go to www.sammcgowan.com/home.html. The flareships page is off of my military page. I\'ve got several photos I took at Naha that are scans of slides and the files are too large to post here. I\'ll Email them to you if you\'d like. Gary Peters gave me a CD with some pictures he took on a COMMANDO LAVA mission he was on in the summer of 1967 with several inflight shots of one of the first C-130As to have a squadron ID on the tail. I\'m keeping my fingers crossed that it\'s still useable.


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If the file is not too large, this is a picture of Balls Four on a COMMANDO LAVA picture that Gary Peters took. He gave me a CD with the pictures at the first Blind Bat reunion in Biloxi in 2002. I\'m not sure if I have a current Email for Gary so DON\'T use the photo without his permission. (He gave me permission to use them.)

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good morning all !

Merry Christmas from downunder, do not forget that we get ours the day before you guys.

In 1959 the USAF Brought an A model down here, to show all and sundry what we were getting in new year.

Serial 57-0468.

I will put a posting on the RAAF airman aircrew web site, one of us old timers surely would have taken a photo.

The airplane was under the command of a Captain Akers if I recall correctly.

If any one wants to see range of photos of Aussie Herks go to


click on the unit badges for 36 and 37 Squadrons and there they are.



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