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Crew Chief wiki-ish style


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Thanks for posting that, I will make sure to send it to my brother.

He was an F-15 crew chief (instead of a proper heavy CC of any breed) but I am sure he isn't a fag anyways:p

I loved the part about Day shift vs swings and mids, I got to spend my first three years on swings and the last year on mids. Days were worthless butt suckers!!


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that was great ,i cant stop laughing.only part i dont agree with is the best cc"s go to fighters.screw that u cant even fly on the damn thing,if ur a heavy guy ur a real crew chief u can fly,sleep and cook on our planes. i remember when i had to go to the alt chamber and i seen fighter guys there going to class ,and i keeped thinking why are they here,u cant do halo's on a f-15.

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