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Digital Gauges ?????


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Whoa!!! I had no idea that is the way it would look now! What's with those seat covers? I used to take the ones off 1804 back to the barracks and wash them! Are all or most or a lot of the C-130's upgraded to the modern style pictured or is that done on a select few? I'm amazed! It almost doesn't seem right!!!

I need to see some more pics of the flight deck in the daylight. Maybe that will help me get used to the difference.

I know hardly any of the planes look quite the same on the exterior anymore what with all of those protruding humps and bumps, but man what a difference inside!!

Show me more!!!



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Thanks a lot for the great pics! I guess things could or should possibly change since I last set foot in a C-130 39 years ago!! Now, I guess you know, what does the rest of the flight-deck look like? Is there still a Nav's table? How about the bunks? Is there still a gallery and gallery floor? Of course that was on the E-Models I worked on. The A-models weren't quite so modern!!!

Somebody mentioned a sextant awhile back. Do they still carry them? I remember them on the A's, but don't remember messing around with them on the E's. If they still have the sextants, are they still in the nice hardwood box?

Questions, questions, questions! The next time any of you guys happen to be cruising somewhere over Montana, stop by! I would love to take a tour! 40 miles west of Billings and a paved runway--long enough for a Herk!!!

See ya then,

Ken Carlson

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To be honest, I have no idea. I found the picture on the web a few months ago.

Mt, the flight deck for most Herks is the same as the E Model, Still got a navs desk, bunks, Galley ect. I would get a pic of one, but there's some equipment there I don't think I need to put online. I'm sure there's a few online, I'll look later. Though some Talons have a double sized navs desk with two stations and no bunk. Also, if I remember correctly, J models have the galley up on the flight deck, not at the entrance.

As for sextants, I havn't seen one in years, there might be a plane that still has them. The sextant mount is still on most planes, but somewhere slong the H3 line they got rid of them.

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One thing I love about the Talon 2 is the lack of SKE. I was working an airshow a couple of years ago at Randolph and some of the retired instructor pilots there had flown at Dyess. They had all said that nothing has changed since the early 90s aside from the NVG harness, E-TCAS, and EVSI/TCAS display. Yes, all of our H1s and Super Es have sextant ports and flare gun ports. Some of our planes still have the RATO panel on the center console by the LSGI buttons!!! It would be nice to have NVG compatible lighting without that annoying and extremely expensive NVG lighting harness and EHSI and EADI. If we just got those few things, life would be so much nicer. All the seat cushions need to be replaced as well. I think they've been around since Oregon Aero first made them. They're all harder then bench seating at a little league game.

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