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I approve of this thread.

Then, there's the tanker crew that refuels those fighters. The little girl on the right looks like she knows what she's gonna write about for her "what I did on my summer vacation" essay for high school.

Don R.

The chick on the right looks like she probably still sells girl scout cookies.

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In the early 80s an all female crew from McGuire flew a 141 trans Altantic to RAF Mildenhall. It was a big deal then with lots of media coverage in both the US and UK media.

Don't remember if there were female fighter pilots then. Anyone remember when the AF gained its first female fighter pilot? I know there were none in the 48th TFW, at least up to 1984. Recall a female pilot graduating number one in her UPT class and choosing F-15s. If I remember correctly, later this same pilot, while deployed to SA got in big trouble when she raised holy hell about not being able to drive. The AF rewarded her by railroading her out.

The ladies are indeed young, but in my case not so much that they are so young but that I'm sooo old.:)

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