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Six Year Anniversary


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Today marked C-130Hercules.net's 6th anniversary! I would once again like to take the opportunity to say thank you:

  • To everyone who visits the site. Be it once infrequent visits or daily visits, without your involvement, there would be no community.
  • To those who contribute to the forums.
  • To those who contribute to the gallery.
  • To those who have contributed other files, documents, etc.
  • To those who have referred others to the site.
  • To those who have donated to the site.
  • To those who have purchased items from the site's store or from the site's Cafe Press shop.
  • To Bob Daley for all your contributions and help.
  • And finally to Our sponsors.


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Can't be six years already!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Casey, not only have you set up a forum to exchange stories, information and assistance on the Old Girl, it has been a very fertile ground to renew old acquaintances, recall old memories, and develop great new friendships.

on downwind, turnin' on final


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When the old C-130 Hercules Headquarters forum closed where I had made contact with my two best buddies from CCK , I thought there went my chance to get in touch with other guys I might have known. It seemed like the next day this great forum started and the rest is history!! I have not only gotten to meet guys from this forum in person but I feel like I have known a lot of you other guys for the last six years. This forum has become a part of my life and hardly a day goes by that I don't log in. I read every post even if I don't know what you are talking about and I am very impressed by what you "old " guys remember!

I could go on forever about what this forum means to me but Casey, I just want you to know what a good job you are doing and I hope that in six more years this forum is still going strong!

Congratulations on a job well done,


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Happy Birthday C-130 Hercules.net!! Congratulations Casey!!! I, unfortunately, took on a couple of projects that I should have left alone, therefore, I have not been very active, however, I do check in every day. This forum means an awful lot to me: brought back a lot of memories, refreshed my love of the "ol' gal", I found my old aircraft #877 through this forum, and last but not least, I met and became friends with one of the finest gentlemen I've ever known. And his kid runs a couple ranches "out West"!!!!!! Then there's Giz. Mary and I will see you and Elese again in a month. Another special friendship through this wonderful forum. Leland...thanks for stopping through, I enjoyed your visit!!!! Next time I'll make you take me for a ride in your chariot!!

Thanks so much Casey....this forum means so much

tinwhistle aka Chris

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