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C-130 related acronyms

Robert Podboy

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From: C-130 Hercules

Federation of American Scientists


C-130J-30 - J-30 (stretched version)(SuperJ Hercules)

C-130J - Weather (WC), Electronic Combat (EC), tanKer (KC) Configured aircraft.

MMH/FH - Maintenance Man-Hours per Flight Hour

SBA - US Army Strategic Brigade Airdrop (SBA). The J-30 can airdrop 100% of the SBA requirement.

SPR - Single Point Refueling

LOX - Liquid Oxygen

DDAPBRs - Diluter-demand automatic pressure-breathing regulators

SLEP - Service life extension program

OJC - Operation Just Cause

C-130X AMP - Avionics Modernization Program

DEW - Distant Early Warning line

WSLG - Wheel-ski landing gear

BTTW - Balls To The Wall, term used when accelerating quickly, the throttle is pushed all the way to the panel and the throttle levers (balls) actually touches the panel (wall). Hence, balls to the wall

Hotel Mode - Prop feathering capability while the engines are still running offers safer and more hospitable conditions for ground refueling.

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From: Selected Acquisition Report (SAR)

C-130 AMP

As of December 31, 2010

Defense Acquisition Management

Information Retrieval



AFOTEC - Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center

AFROCC - Air Force Requirements for Operational Capability Council

AMC - Air Mobility Command

ASACM - Advanced Situational Awareness and Countermeasures

ATO - Approval to Operate

CJCSI - Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Instruction

CMDS - Countermeasures Dispenser System

CNS/ATM - Communications, Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management

CPD - Capabilities Production Document

DAA - Designated Approval Authority

DISR - DOD Information Technology Standards and Profile Registry

GIG - Global Information Grid

IATO - Interim Approval to Operate

IER - Information Exchange Requirement

IP - Internet Protocol

IT - Information Technology

JITC - Joint Interoperability Test Command

JTRS - Joint Tactical Radio System

KIP - Key Interface Profiles

KPP - Key Performance Parameter

NCOW RM - Net Centric Operations and Warfare Reference Model

NMCAMP - Not Mission Capable AMP

OA - Operational Assessment

RNAV - Area Navigation

RNP - Required Navigation Performance

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First off, relax no need to shout, were all friends here! Could you provide schematics or T.O. references to support your theory that the discharge switch is always powered? Not saying you're wrong but it does go against all training I have received.


Ron, remember 'pshyco' expediter at Hurby in the 80s? He fired a bottle in the hanger with all the handles in, or so the story goes.

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From: Kaminsi T, May-2013. Super Hercules, Part One - C-130J Development and USAF Service, Combat Aircraft Vol. 14 No. 5


HUD - Head Up Display

SPO - C-130 System Program Office

MYP - Multi Year Procurement

FADEC - Full Authority Digital Engine (or electronics) Control (FADEC) is a system consisting of digital computer, called an electronic engine controller (EEC) or engine control unit (ECU), and its related accessories that control all aspects of aircraft engine performance.

ATCS - Automatic Thrust Control System

IDS - Integrated Diagnostic System

ICDS - Infa-Red Countermeasures system

ECHS - Enhanced Cargo Handling System

IOT&A - Initial Operational Test and Evaluation

AVAPS - Airborne Vertical Atmospheric Profiling System (pallet)

ARWO - Aerial Reconnaissance Weather Officer

C3CM - Command and Control Communications Countermeasures

CRT - Combat Rescue Tanker

CSO - Combat Systems Officer

HSSLADS - High-Speed Low-Level Air Drop System

LLLTV - Low-Light Level Television System

MFF - Military Free-Fall

JAPADS - Joint Precision Air Drop System

UARRSI - Universal Aerial Refueling Receptacle Silpaway Installation

IOC - Initial Operational Capability

SIGINT - Airborne Signals Intelligence systems module

SOF - Special Operations Forces

IMC - Instrument meteorological conditions

DAN - Detection Avoidance Navigation

TAN - Threat Avoidance Navigation

TF/TA - Low altitude Terrain Following/Terrain Avoidance

BLOS - Beyond the line of sight

NOE - Fly at lower altitudes including Nap Of the Earth

RTOs - Rejected Takeoffs

MLG - Main Landing Gear

FQIS - Fuel Quantity Indication System

HIRF - High Intensity Radiated Fields

TSD - Transient Suppression Devices

TIU - Tank-in-Unit

FFF - “fly-fix-fly†outdated method of hazard and risk control

ERRC - Engine Regional Repair Center


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From Kaminsi T, Jun-2013. Super Hercules, Part Two - C-130J in Marine Corps, Coast Guard and International Service, Combat Aircraft Vol. 14 No. 6


IGGS -Integrated Coast Guard Systems

MRS - Medium-Range Surveillance aircraft

LRS - Long-Range Surveillance aircraft

MMR - Multi mode radar

MSP - Mission System Pallets

AGE - Aerospace Ground Equipment

MSO - Mission System Operator

EO/IR - STARFIRE III Electo-optical/ Infa-red

OPEVAL - Operational Testing

OT&E - Operational Testing and Evaluation

HAWK - Harvest HAWK Hercules Airborne Weapons Kit

ISR - Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

TSS - AN/AAQ-30 Target Sight Sensor

FCC - Fire Control Console roll-on/roll-off pallet

SOPGM - AGM-176 Griffin Stand-Off Precision Guided Munitions

BMS - Battle Management System

FCO - Fire Control Operators

USMC - United States Marine Corps

USCG - United States Coast Guard

OCP - Uniform the MultiCam or the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern

ABU - Airman Battle Uniform

REFTRA - Refresher Training

ODS - Operation Desert Shield

COD - aircraftCarrier Onboard Delivery transport

AGL - Above ground level

AETC - Air Education and Training Command

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From: C-130 Avionics Modernization

Program System Requirements Document

NOTE: This draft, dated 19 29 April 1999, prepared by WR-ALC/LBRE, has not been approved and is subject to modification.


ABI - Airborne Broadcast Intelligence

AC - Advisory Circular

AC - Alternating Current

ACARS - Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System

ACAS - Airborne Collision Avoidance System

ACM - Auxiliary Crew Member

ACP - Automatic Control Processor

ADI - Attitude Direction Indicator

ADS - Automatic Dependent Surveillance

ADS-B - Automatic Dependent Surveillance � Broadcast

AFCS - Automatic Flight Control System

AFI - Air Force Instruction

AFMSS - Air Force Mission Support System

AGL - Above Ground Level

AM - Amplitude Modulation

AMP - Avionics Modernization Program

ANR - Active Noise Reduction

AOC - Airline Operational Control

ARINC - Aeronautical Radio Incorporated

ASA - Airborne Sensor Approach

ASC - Aeronautical Systems Command

ATC - Air Traffic Control

ATM - Air Traffic Management

ATN - Aeronautical Telecommunications Network

ATS - Air Traffic Service

AVPAC - Aviation VHF Packet Communication

BIT - Built-In Test

BLOSTD/G - BLOS Threat Detection/Geo-location

BRNAV - Basic Area Navigation

C2 - Command and Control

CAAP - Common Avionics Architecture for Penetration

CADRG - Compressed Arc Digitized Raster Graphics

CFETP - Career Field Education Training Plan

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CG - Center of Gravity

CIB - Common Imagery Base

CIB - Controlled Image Base

CICS - Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff

CMF - Communications Management Function

CMU - Communications Management Unit

COB - Communications Order of Battle

COMSEC - Communications Security

COTS - Commercial Off The Shelf

CP - Curved Path

CSWG - Crew Station Working Group

CVR - Cockpit Voice Recorder

CWA - Cautions, Warnings and Advisory

DADC - Digital Air Data Computer

DAFIF - Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File

DAMA - Demand Assigned Multiple Access

DAP - Downlink Aircraft Parameters

DASA - Demand Assigned Single Access

DC - Direct Current

DF - Direction Finding

DGPS - Differential GPS

DII-COE - Defense Information Infrastructure-Common Operating Environment

DME - Distance Measuring Equipment

DS - Defensive System

DTD - Data Transfer Device

DTED - Digital Terrain Elevation Data

DVS - Doppler Velocity Sensor

E2 - Energy/Elevation

EASIF - Engine and Aircraft Systems Information Function

ECCM - Electronic Counter-Countermeasures

EIA - Electronic Industries Association

EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility

EOB - Electronic Order of Battle

ESA - Enhanced Situational Awareness

ETCAS - Enhanced TCAS

EW - Electronic Warfare

EWIR - Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming

EWO - Electronic Warfare Officer

FAR - Federal Aviation Regulation

fc - Foot-candles

FD - Flight Director

fl - Foot-lambert

FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared

FM - Frequency Modulation

FMS - Flight Management System

FPJPA - Fully Proceduralized Job Performance Aid

GAAS - Page 50

GATM - Global Air Traffic Management

GCAS - Ground Collision Avoidance System

GNC - Global Navigation Chart

GPS - Global Positioning System

HDD - Head Down Display

HFDL - High Frequency Data Link

HMI - Hazardously Misleading Information

HIS - Horizontal Situation Indicator

IAS - Indicated Air Speed

ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization

I-CASE - Integrated Computer Aided Software Engineering

ICS - Interphone Communication System

IFF - Identification Friend or Foe

IFPCAS - Intraformation Positioning/Collision Avoidance System

IFR - Instrument Flight Rules

ILS - Instrument Landing System

IP - Initial Point

IR - Infrared

JARMS - Jammer, Artillery, Radar and Missile Systems

JNC - Jet Navigation Chart

JOG - Joint Operational Graph

JPALS - Joint Precision Approach and Landing System

JTA - Joint Technical Architecture

JTA-AF - Joint Technical Architecture � Air Force

KFNS - Kalman Filter Navigation Solution

khz - Kilo-Hertz

LAAS - Local Area Augmentation System

LADGPS - Local Area Differential GPS

LCC - Life Cycle Cost

LHR - Life History Recorder

LIT - Look Into Turn

LNAV - Lateral Navigation

LOC - Localizer

LOS - Line Of Sight

LPD - Low Probability of Detection

LPI - Low Probability of Intercept

LRM - Line Replaceable Module

LRU - Line Replaceable Unit

LZ - Landing Zone

MAP - Missed Approach Point

MASPS - Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards

MCDU - Multipurpose Control and Display Unit

MDS - Mission Design Series

MIL-STD - Military Standard

MLS - Microwave Landing System

MOPS - Minimum Operational Performance Standards

MRT - Mean Repair Time

MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure

MTBF-C - Mean Time Between Maintenance-Corrected

MV - Magnetic Variation

MWS - Missile Warning System

Nav/Safety - Navigation/Safety

NANAIDS - Navigational Aids

NAVWAR - Navigation Warfare

ND - Navigational Display

NDB - Navigation Data Base

NDI - Non-Developmental Item

NIMA - National Imaging and Mapping Agency

NM - Nautical Miles

NPC - Navigation Pilotage Charts

NRT - Near Real Time

OB - Order of Battle

OFP - Operational Flight Program

ONC - Operational Navigation Chart

ORD - Operational Requirements Document

OSJTF - Open System Joint Task Force

OTS - Off the Shelf

PFD - Primary Flight Display

PFF - Primary Flight Function

PHS&T - Postage, Handling, Storage and Transportation

P-ILS - Protected Instrument Landing System

PV - Programmer Loader Verifier

PPI - Plan Position Indicator

PPS - Precise Positioning Service

PRF - Pulse Repetition Frequency

PRI - Pulse Repetition Interval

PRNAV - Precision Area Navigation

RAIM - Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring

RCS - Radar Cross Section

RF - Radio Frequency

RMS - Root Mean Square

ROT - Radius of Turn

RTCA - Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics

SARPs - Standards And Recommended Practices

SATCOM - Satellite Communication

SE - Support Equipment

IPSE - Integrated Program Support Environment

SEE - Software Engineering Environment

SEI - Specific Emitter Identification

MATT - Multi-mission Advanced Tactical Terminal

SIL - Software Integration Laboratories

ATE - Automatic Test Equipment

SDE - Software Development Environment

SINCGARS - Single Channel Ground Air Radio System

SIS - Standby Instrument Suite

SMC - Special Mission Crewmember

SMM - System Mass Memory

SOFTED - SOF Threat Environment Description

SRU - Shop Replaceable Unit

SSB - Single Side Band

T/C - Time to Climb

T/D - Time to Descend

TACC - Tactical Airlift Control Center

TAWS - Terrain Awareness and Warning System

TBD - To Be Determined

TCAS - Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System

TCO - Total Cost of Ownership

TDMA - Time-Division Multiple-Access

TPC - Tactical Pilotage Chart

TRN - Terrain Reference Navigation

TS/SCI - Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information

TSO - Technical Standards Order

UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator

VA - Volt-Ampere

VAC - Volts Alternating Current

VDC - Volts Direct Current

VDL - VHF Digital Link

VMC - Visual Meteorological Conditions

VNAV - Vertical Navigation

VSDS - Video Symbology Display System

A/W/E - Aircraft/Weapons/Electronics

W - Watts

WAAS - Wide Area Augmentation System

WGS-84 - World Geodetic System-84

Y2K - Year 2000

ZM - Zone Marker

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NESA - Non Electro Static Formulation A windows. Layer of stannic oxide, a thermister, and a layer of vinyl. The window is electrically heated to prevent ice formation and also prevents shattering in the case of a bird strike.

WRS - Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (Example 54th WRS) Project Popeye "make mud, not war"

SIF - Silver Iodide Flares used in rainmaking efforts

CFIT - Controlled flight into terrain

AIRCAT - Automated Inspection, Repair, Corrosion, and Aircraft Tracking (AIRCAT) system. AIRCAT is the Individual Aircraft Tracking Program (IATP) of record for the C-130 as mandated by the USAF Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP).

IATP - Individual Aircraft Tracking Program of record for the C-130

ASIP - USAF Aircraft Structural Integrity Program

EDCS - Lockheed Martin Enterprise Data/Collaboration System

AMS - Lockheed Martin Air Mobility Support makes EDCS available to Hercules operators, Service Centers and selected

partners, vendors, and suppliers.

HQ - Hanger Queen (aircraft that is a maintenance problem child)

FLTS - Flight Test Squadron (example 418th FLTS)

FOB - Fuel On-Board

EGT - Exhaust gas temperature

GO - Go Around

IFE - In-flight entertainment

AEP - Aggravated Erosion Program

BIAS - Battlefield Illumination Airborne System

AALC - Autonomous Approach Landing Capability

DNIF - Duty Not Involving Flying or Duty Not Including Flying or Drunk Not Interested in Flying

WR-ALC - Warner Robins Air Logistics Center

ADM - Acquisition Decision Memorandum

EPCS - Electronic Propeller Control System

SOW - Statement of Work

IPR - In-Process Review

FCF - Functional Check Flight

CFR - Crash Fire Rescue

CND - Could Not Duplicate

ERCC - Engine Run Crew Change

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

OLS - Opportune Landing Site

EEC - Electronic Engine Controller

ECR - Engine Control Unit

NFF - No fault found

C-130 - AKA 'NOAA's Ark' operated by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

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OBIGGS - On-Board Inert Gas Generation System

ESF - Explosion Suppressant Foam

NDI - Non Destructive Inspection

NTS - Negative Torque Sensing

ITT - Interturbine temperature

PTA - Propfan Test Assessment

KTAS - Knots True AirSpeed, the airspeed of an aircraft relative to undisturbed air

KIAS - Knots Indicated AirSpeed, the speed shown on an aircraft's pitot-static airspeed indicated

STEP - Stripe Through Exceptional Performance

SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

T&A - Test and Acceptance

TOT - Time Over Target

WX - Weather

FCU - Fuel Control Unit

GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out

NDB - A Non-Directional (radio) Beacon is a radio transmitter at a known location

ADF - Automatic Direction Finder (equipment on the aircraft that detects an NDB's signal)

ULB - Underwater locator beacon

CNI-MU - weight and balance emulator Communication/Navigation/Identification-Management Unit

ECHS - Enhanced Cargo Handling System. It includes the electric locks, the rollers that are built into the floor that just need to be flipped.

CVR - Center Vertical Restraint (rail built into the floor for CDS Bundles)

EOF - End of Year (fallout money)

AFCP - Automatic Flight Control Processor

DAFD - Digital Auto Flight Director

AFFTC - Air Force Flight Test Center

AFR - Air Force Regulation

ASD - Aeronautical Systems Division

CVR - Center vertical restraint

EPR - Engine pressure ratio

FS - Fuselage station

MAC - Mean aerodynamic cord

MACR - Military Airlift Command Regulation

NA - Not applicable

NTIS - National Technical Information Service

AFRL - Air Force Research Laboratory

DTED - Digital Topographic Elevation Data

STT - Special Tactics Team

Tech Mat - Technology Maturation (Plan)

AFRC - Air Force Reserve Command

ARS - Air Reserve Station

CAMS - Core Automated Maintenance System

C3IPS - Command, Control and Communications Information Processing System

CPU - Central Processing Unit

GO81 - Tanker/Cargo aircraft version of CAMS

!ETM - Interactive Engine Technical Manual

MC - Mission capable rate

NMCM - Not MC for maintenance, unscheduled or scheduled rate

NMCS - Not MC for supply rate

NMCB - Not MC for maintenance and supply, unscheduled or scheduled rate

TNMCM - Total not MC for maintenance (NMCM + NMCB) rate

TNMCS - Total not MC for supply (NMCS + NMCB) rate

PCMA - Power Controlled Multiple Access

PMC - Partially mission capable

PMCM - PMC for maintenance rate

PMCB - Partially MC both maintenance and supply rate

PMCB - PMC for supply rate

EAFB - Edwards Air Force Base

SME - Subject Matter Expert

OEW - Operating Empty Weight (OEW) is basically the sum of the Manufactures Empty Weight (MEW), Standard Items (SI), and Operator Items (OI).

MTOW - Maximum Takeoff Weight

MTOM - Maximum Takeoff Mass

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BA/ECS - Bleed Air Environmental Control System

BAU - Bus Adapter Unit (10)

BAU Type 1 - Control & power for control panels (6)

BAU Type 2 - Relay commands/status feedback (4)

BBC - Back-up Bus Controller

BIU - Bus Interface Units (2)

CAWS - Caution Advisory Warning System

CHS - Cargo Handling System

CIU - Control Indicator Unit

CNBP - Comm Nav Breaker Panel

E PSI - Engine Oil Pressure

ECB - Electronic Circuit Breaker

ELs - Electric Locks (11 pairs)

ELT - Emergency Locator Transmitter

FF - Fuel Flow

FLCV - Fuel Level Control Valve

F/ODS - Fire Overheat Detection System

G PSI - Gearbox Oil Pressure

GHC - Get Home Control

GMAD - Gear Mounted Accessory Drive

LAIRCM - Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures

MCB - Mechanical Circuit Breaker

MGT - Measured Gas Temperature

PID - Parachute initiation device

Ng - Gas Generator rotation speed

Np - Power Turbine rotation speed

OSB - Option Select Button

PLCU - Pallet Lock Control Unit

RECP - Ramp and Emergency Control Panel

TAT - Total Air Temperature

UDM - User Data Module

WOW - Weight On Wheels

WBSI - USAF Wheel and Brake System Improvement Program

LPO - Landings per overhaul

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EAWS - Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist (Navy)

HERO - Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance

CADS - Cartridge Actuated Devices

NES's - Navy Enlisted Classifications

RJQR - Reserve Job Qualification Requirements

RBTR - Reserve Billet Training Requirements

ATIP - Aviation Training Improvement Program

JQR - Job Qualification Requirements

PMT - Formal Professional Mobilization Training

CRM - Cockpit Resource Management (Formerly ACT, or Aircrew Coordination Training)

ORM - Operational Risk Management A decision making process used to identify and manage hazards that endanger naval resources before they actually happen.

PQS - Personnel Qualification Standard

HSU - Hydraulic Servicing Unit

RADAR - Radio Detecting and Ranging

TR - Transformer Rectifier

CARA - Combined Altitude Radar Altimeter

VFR - Visual Flight Rules (see-and-avoid concept)

NALO - Navy Air Logistics Office principal scheduling authority/activity for all Naval Reserve C-130 airlift and all overseas flights originating or terminating in CONUS

CONUS - Continental United States

SE - Support Equipment

IMRL - Individual Material Readiness List

FSO - Fleet Support Operations

NCO - Non-Combat Operations

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

NATOPS - Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization

OPTAR - Operational Target

GCU's - Generator control units

PMG - Permanent magnet generator

CAPEX - Capabilities exercise

RISKS - Riggers in Support of Khe Sanh

PMA - Portable Maintenance Aid

EL - Electroluminescent lights made of a phosphor material between two plates that glow when power is applied.

ARS - Aerial recovery system

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23 APRIL 2012

Flying Operations



Abbreviations and Acronyms

ACBRN - Aircrew Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear

AC - Aircraft Commander

ACCA - Aircrew Contamination Control Area

ACE - Aircrew Chemical Ensemble

ACF - Acceptance Check Flight

ACFP - Advanced Computer Flight Plan

ADIZ - Air Defense Identification Zone

ADE - Airdrop Damage Estimate

ADS - Aerial Delivery System

AE - Aeromedical Evacuation

AECM - Aeromedical Evacuation Crew Member

AERP - Aircrew Eye/Respiratory Protection

AETC - Air Education and Training Command

AFE - Aircrew Flight Equipment

AFFSA - Air Force Flight Standards Agency

AFPD - Air Force Policy Directive

AFMAN - Air Force Manual

AFMC - Air Force Materiel Command

AFTO - Air Force Technical Order

AFTTP - Air Force Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

AFWA - Air Force Weather Agency

AGU - Autonomous Guidance Units

AHAS - Avian Hazard Advisory System

AIR - Aviation Into-Plane Reimbursement (card)

AIREP - Air Report

ALCE - Airlift Control Elements

ALE - Automated Link Establishment

ALS - Approach Lighting System

ALTRV - Altitude Reservation

ALZ - Assault Landing Zone

AMCC - Air Mobility Control Center

AMD - Air Mobility Division

AMT - Air Movement Table

AP - Area Planning (FLIP)

APCC - Aerial Port Control Center

APOD - Aerial Port of Disembarkation

AR - Air Refueling

ARC - Air Reserve Component

ARMS - Aeromedical Readiness Missions

ARTCC - Air Route Traffic Control Center

ASAP - Aviation Safety Action Program

ASR - Auto Start Relay

ASRR - Airfield Suitability and Restrictions Report

ATA - Actual Time of Arrival

ATIS - Automated Terminal Information Service

ATO - Air Tasking Order

ATOC - Air Terminal Operations Center

ATTLA - Air Transportability Test Loading Agency

AUX - Auxiliary

AVPOL - Aviation Petroleum/Oils/Lubricants

AWE - Aircraft, Weapons and Electronics

BAK - Barrier Arrestor Kit

BAM - Bird Avoidance Model

BASH - Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard

BDHI - Bearing Distance Heading Indicator

BSU - Bus Switching Unit

BWA - Biological Warfare Agent

CA - Controlling Authority

CAS - Calibrated Airspeed

CB - Center of Balance

CB - Chemical and Biological

CBRN - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear

CCA - Contamination Control Area

CCT - Combat Control Team

CDS - Command Disable System

CDT - Crew Duty Time

CE - Circular Error

CECR - Crew Enhancement Crew Rest

CFL - Critical Field Length

CFP - Computer Flight Plan

CHOP - Change Operational Control

CHUM - Chart Updating Manual

CIRVIS - Communications Instructions Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings

CM - Countermeasures

CMT - Charge Medical Technician

CNDC - Canadian National Defense Contract

CODEL - Congressional Delegations

COMAFFOR - Commander Air Force Forces

CONOPS - Concept of Operations

CP - Co-pilot (crew designator: FPC)

CRA - Country Risk Assessment

CRB - Container Ramp Bundle

CRE - Contingency Response Elements

CRG - Contingency Response Group

CRRC - Combat Rubber Raiding Craft

CS - Concurrent Servicing

CSAR - Combat Search and Rescue

CTII - Combat Track II

CVAM - Office of the Assistant Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Special Air Missions Division

CWA - Chemical Warfare Agent

DA - Decision Altitude

DAO - Defense Attaché Office

DCS - Defense Courier Service; Decompression Sickness

DCS - Decompression Sickness

DDO - Deputy Director of Operations

DER - Departure End of Runway

DESC - Defense Energy Support Center

DEV - Deviation

DFSC - Defense Fuel Supply Center

DGH - Desired Grid Heading

DH - Decision Height

DIRMOBFOR - Director of Mobility Forces

DMAAC - Defense Mapping Agency Aeronautical Center

DO - Director of Operations

DOT - Department of Transportation

DR - Dead Reckoning

DSN - Defense Switching Network

DTC - Distance to Climb

DTR - Defense Transportation Regulation

DV - Distinguished Visitor

DVST - Direct View Storage Tube

E3 - Electromagnetic Environmental Effects

EAL - Entry Authorization List

EAS - Equivalent Airspeed

ECGW - End of Cruise Gross Weight

ECHUM - Electronic Chart Update Manual

ED - Emergency Destruction

ED - Engineering Disposition

EDP - Earliest Descent Point

EFI - Electronic Flight Instrument

EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse

ENAME - Europe, North Africa and Middle East

ENAO - Emergency Nuclear Airlift Operations

EOD - Explosive Ordinance Disposal

EP - Evaluator Pilot

EPA - Evasion Plan of Action

EPJS - Extraction Parachute Jettison System

EPOS - Emergency Passenger Oxygen System

ESA - Emergency Safe Altitude

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

ETB - Estimated Time in Blocks

ETD - Estimated Time of Departure

ETE - Estimated Time Enroute

ETP - Equal Time Point

EUCOM - U.S. European Command

EXT - External

EZ - Exchange Zone

FAF - Final Approach Fix

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FCB - Flight Crew Bulletin

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

FCG - Foreign Clearance Guide

FCI - Flight Command Indicator

FCIF - Flight Crew Information File

FDP - Flight Duty Period

FDR - Flight Data Recorder

FE - Flight Engineer

FHR - Fuel Holding Relay

FIH - Flight Information Handbook

FIR - Flight Information Region

FL - Flight Level

FLIP - Flight Information Publications

FM - Flight Manager

FN - Flight Nurse

FOL - Forward Operating Location

FOM - Figure Of Merit

FOUO - For Official Use Only

FP - Flight Pilot

FPM - Feet Per Minute

FRAG - Fragmentation Order

FS - Flight Station

FSO - Flight Safety Officer

FSS - Flight Service Station

FSAF - First Suitable Airfield

FSRT - Firm Scheduled Return Time

FTC - Fuel to Climb

FTU - Formal Training Unit

GCE - Ground Crew Ensemble

GDSS - Global Decision Support System

GFE - Government Furnished Equipment

GFS - Glendale Filter System

GNRS - Ground Mark Release System

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

GP - General Planning

GPS-RTS - Global Positioning System Retransmit System

GRADS - Ground Radar Aerial Delivery System

GSA - General Service Administration

GSI - Glideslope Indicator

GTIMS - Graduate Training Integration Management System

GW - Gross Weight

HAA - Height Above Airport

HALO - High Altitude Low Opening

HAAMS - High Altitude Airdrop Mission Support

HATh - Height Above Threshold

HATR - Hazardous Air Traffic Report

HF-ALE - High Frequency Automatic Link Establishment

HH - Handheld

HQ - Headquarters

HIS - Horizontal Situation Indicator

IAF - Initial Approach Fix

IAP - Initial Approach Point

IBS - Small Inflatable Boat

ICS - Infant Car Seat

I-CDS - Improved Container Delivery System

IFM - Integrated Flight Management

IMT - Integrated Management Tool

IOAT - Indicated Outside Air Temperature

IP - Instructor Pilot

IPE - Individual Protective Equipment

ISA - International Standard Atmospheric

JA/ATT - Joint Airborne/Air Transportability Training

JCS - Joint Chief of Staff

JFC - Joint Force Commander

JMD - Jumpmaster Directed

JOSAC - Joint Operational Support Airlift Center

JPADS - Joint Precision Airdrop System

JSAM - Joint Service Aircrew Mask

LAR - Launch Acceptability Region

LCLA - Low Cost Low Altitude

LED - Light Emitting Diode

LG/CC - Logistics Group Commander

LH - Left Hand

LM - Loadmaster

LOP - Line of Position

LSAF - Last Suitable Airfield

MAC - Minimum Altitude Capable

MAF - Mobility Air Forces

MAJCOM - Major Command

MC - Mission Commander

MC - Mission Contributing

MCD - Medical Crew Director

MDA - Minimum Descent Altitude

ME - Mission Essential

MEA - Minimum Enroute Altitude

MEFF - Maximum Endurance Fuel Flow

MEL - Minimum Equipment List

MEP - Mission Essential Personnel

MH - Magnetic Heading

MHE - Material Handling Equipment

MICAP - Mission Capable

MILGPS - Military Grade Global Positioning System

MISREPS - Mishap Reports

MMD - Moving Map Display

MMO - Mission Mobility Observer

MNPS - Minimum Navigation Performance Specification

MOB - Main Operating Base

MOCA - Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude

MOPP - Mission Oriented Protective Posture

MPD - Mobility Pilot Development

MPI - Multiple Points of Impact

MPP - Most Probable Position

MR - Mission Ready

MSL - Mean Sea Level

MSA - Minimum Safe Altitude

MSE - Mission Support Equipment

MTOGW - Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight

MTR - Military Training Route

NACO - National Aeronautical Charting Office

NAF - Numbered Air Force

NAS - Naval Air Station

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVAIDS - Navigation Aids

NEW - Net Explosive Weight

NLT - Not Later Than

NMR - Non-Mission Ready

NOTAM - Notices to Airmen

NSN - National Stock Number

OAP - Offset Aim Points

OAT - Outside Air Temperature

OB - Operating Base

OCONUS - Outside the Continental United States

OCF - Operational Check Flight

OCS - Obstacle Clearance Surface

OEI - One Engine Inoperative

OFDA - Operational Flying Duty Accumulation

OG/CC - Operations Group Commander

OI - Open Item

OPCON - Operational Control

OPORD - Operations Orders

OPLAN - Operations Plan

OPLOC - Operating Location

OPR - Office of Primary Responsibility

OPREP - Operational Report

OSA - Operational Support Airlift

OSD - Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSI - Office of Special Investigation

OST - Off-Station Trainer

OWS - Operational Weather Squadron

PA - Public Address

PAA - Primary Assigned Aircraft

PADS-MP - Precision Aerial Delivery System Mission Planner

PAH - Primary Assigned Hours

PAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator

PBE - Protective Breathing Equipment

PCM - Passenger Compartment Monitor

PDA - Personal Digital Assistant

PEX - Patriot Excalibur

PF - Pilot Flying

PFPS - Portable Flight Planning Software

PIC - Pilot in Command

PJ - Pararescue

PMCR - Post Mission Crew Rest

PMSV - Pilot to Metro Service

PM - Pilot Monitoring

PM FSS - Product Manager Force Sustainment Systems

PO - PADS Operator

POC - Point of Contact

POL - Petroleum/Oils/Lubricants

PRM - Precision Runway Monitor

PRP - Personnel Reliability Program

PT - Physiology Technician

PTLOX - Portable Therapeutic Liquid Oxygen

RA - Resolution Advisory

RAMPCO - Ramp Coordinator

RAMZ - Rigging Alternate Method Zodiac

RAS - Retriever Assist Strap

RCR - Runway Condition Reading

RDD - Radiation Dispersal Device

RMDZ - Recovery Mission Duration Zeroization

ROC - Rate Of Climb

ROE - Rules of Engagement

RON - Remain Over Night

RRFL - Required Ramp Fuel Load

RSC - Runway Surface Condition

RVR - Runway Visual Range

RVSM - Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum

SAAM - Special Assignment Airlift Mission

SAASM - Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module

SAM/CSM - Special Air Mission/Command Support Mission

SATB - Simulated Airdrop Training Bundle

SDP - Special Departure Procedure

SECDEF - Secretary of Defense

SECOMP - Secure Enroute Communications Package

SF - Standard Forms

SID - Standard Instrument Departure

SIF - Selective Identification Feature

SIGMET - Significant Meteorological Information

SII - Special Interest Item

SPINS - Special Instructions

SM - Statue Mile

SOWT - Special Operations Weather Team

SO/CC - Squadron Commander

SSR - System Support Representative

STAR - Standard Terminal Arrival Routes

SWOG - Special Weapons Overflight Guide

TAS - True Airspeed

TCN - Transportation Control Numbers

TFF - Terminal Fuel Flow

TFM - Tactical Formation Maneuvering

THRE - Threshold Elevation

TOA - Time of Arrival

TOAT - Total Outside Air Temperature

TOD - Top Of Descent

TOGW - Take Off Gross Weight

TPRS - Towed Parachutist Retrieval System

TTC - Time to Climb

TTP - Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

TWCF - Transportation Working Capital Fund

TWG - Threat Working Group

TWS - Track While Scan

UAB - Underwater Acoustical Locator Beacon

UE - Unit Equipped

UHF-DRS - Ultra High Frequency Dropsonde Receiver Subsystem

UMD - Unit Manning Document

USAFE - United States Air Forces Europe

USTRANSCOM - United States Transportation Command

VASI - Vertical Approach Slope Indicator

VDP - Vertical Descent Point

VIPSAM - Very Important Person Special Air Mission

VIRS - Verbal Initiated Release System

VOR - VHF Omni-directional Range

VRA - Virtual Risk Assessment

VVM - Verbalize, Verify and Monitor

VVI - Vertical Velocity Indicator

VSI - Vertical Speed Indicator

VVIP - Very, Very Important Part

WG/CC - Wing Commander

WHMO - White House Military Office

WRF - Wing Relieving Fuel

XTRK - Cross-track

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31 JANUARY 2013

Flying Operations



Abbreviations and Acronyms

A/C - Aircraft

AD - Airdrop

AOA - Angle of Attack

AP - Auto Pilot

AT - Auto Throttle

ATS - Auto Throttle System

BARO - Barometric

BCN - Beacon

CAT I - Category I Approach/Nav Route

CAT II - Category II Approach/Nav Route

CB - Circuit Breaker

CDA - Collateral Damage Assessment

C2IPS - Command and Control Information Processing System

EMCON - Emitter Control

G/S - Glide Slope

GS - Ground Speed

HAHO - High Altitude High Opening

HDG - Heading

HE - Heavy Equipment

HQ - Have Quick or Havequick frequency-hopping system used to protect military UHF radio traffic.

KCAS - Knots Calibrated Airspeed

KTS - Knots

LS - Line Select

LSK - Line Select Key

LVAD - Low Velocity Airdrop

MAX - Maximum Thrust

NM - Nautical Mile

RA/BA - Radar Altitude/Barometric Altitude

REC - Receive

SC - Secure Communications

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When I was in Maintenance in the AF Reserves, we used NFG (No F**ing Good) for a lot of bad parts.

RE: Fire bottles: when I was in the Van Nuys ANG back in the 70's, a story went around that one of the new "butter bar" pilots was showing his parents the cockpit, as part of his narrative, he pulled a T-handle, and then moved the extinguisher switch, with obvious results (weren't the T handles and extinguisher on the Battery Buss?).. anyway, don't know if this was true or just an in house urban legend...


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22 NOVEMBER 2005


30 AUGUST 2013

Flying Operations



Abbreviations and Acronyms

ASR - Airport Surveillance Radar

ATD - Aircrew Training Device

ATS - Aircrew Training System

BINGO - Prebriefed fuel state needed for recovery using prebriefed parameters

CARCAH - Chief, Aerial Reconnaissance Coordination, All Hurricanes

DOV - Standardization/Evaluation (Squadron)

EP - Emergency Procedure

EPE - Emergency Procedures Evaluation

FEF - Flight Evaluation Folder

INIT - Initial

INSTM - Instrument Evaluation

INSTR - Instructor Evaluation

IPRA - Integrated Precision Radar Approach

MAR - Mission Accomplishment Report

METAR - Aviation Routine Weather Report

MFLMETO - Minimum Field Length for Maximum Effort Takeoff

MQF - Master Question File

MSN - Mission Evaluation

NDB - Non-directional Radio Beacon

NHOP - National Hurricane Operations Plan

NWSOP - National Winter Storms Operations Plan

OGV - Operations Group Standardization/Evaluation

QUAL - Qualification Evaluation

RECCO - Reconnaissance Code

RETA - Revised Estimated Time of Arrival

RQ - Re-qualification

SFMR - Stepped-Frequency Microwave Radiometer

SLP - Sea-Level Pressure

STAR - Standard Terminal Area Routing

TAF - Terminal Aerodrome Forecast

VDM - Vortex Data Message

WST - Weapons System Trainer

X-FEED - Crossfeed

XFER - Transfer

XMIT - Transmit

From: Air Force Guidance Memorandum to AFI 11-2C-130 Volume 3 Addenda A, C-130 Operations

Configuration/Mission Planning

13 AUGUST 2013


A* - Armor Equipped Aircraft

C - Cargo

CP - Cargo and Passengers

P - Passengers

TAP - Tactical Airdrop Paratroop

TAC - Tactical Airdrop Cargo

USFS - United States Forest Service

QEC - Quick Engine Change Kit

IOC - Initial Operational Capability

FOC - Final Operational Capability

AMU - Aircraft Maintenance Unit

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Attached is a spreadsheet of an updated list of C-130 related acronyms.

The list is not inclusive

Allied nations may have different meanings for some of the terms/words listed here

When in doubt use plain English


For Top Gun Operational Brevity words, BFM terminology, and Military Aviation Acronyms see:


C-130 Acronym Master file.xls

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