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High Altitude C-130 E Record I think 36,500 feet


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No load from Danang to TSN at the end of a crew day...Minimum fuel....Lets see how high we can get it...

I had the best A/C on my crew that ever sat in the pilot seat.....He shall remain nameless however we got up to

36,500 feet with an empty plane and minimum fuel....It was a record at the time. Wondering if anybody beat it in an E Model...

This was after take off at Da Nang where he got to 50 feet off the ground, cleaned it up and we were going about 250 knots as we crossed the end of the runway. He yanked the yoke in his lap and did a hard bank to the left and pulled off a wing over.....The tower just said...."Spare 223" that was pretty cool and good night....

We then decided to keep climbing....and climbing and climbing...The last 10,000 feet we just kind of stair stepped up a few hundred feet at a time.....At 36,500 we had about a 15 degree nose up attitude and the plane would barely fly....we were just hanging in the air...

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I know this is pretty hard to believe, but it's true. Flying from Jedda to Dhahran in a brand new 1974 H-model, we got almost to 44,000 feet when a turbine overheat light came on. I must've gulped down a liter of LOX. I can't remember the AC's name, but, after getting out, he built a cement boat and sailed it to Hawaii.

Don R.

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hi folks, i believe the marines had an f model up too 44k for a halo jump back in the late 60's. I had a 2 year old T model up to 32 k on a flight from elmendorf direct to navy brunswick with a kick ass tailwind we were grounding just under 400 kts. the canadian controlers asked us a couple of times what we were flying. good flight

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