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I'm pretty sure the first pic is not from the 60's era. Know for certain the 2nd one isn't. On the top pic are the lighter colored buttons from INS?

I think your right, looks like both have INS. I didn't see that in the first one when I put it up. I did see the INS in the second but thought aside from the INS it looked about right.

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The top pic link is a SCNS modded Herc so definitely not 60's layout. The 2nd one I suspect is a newer H model with the dual INS. For a while the Guard/Reserve were getting new ones delivered(or at least modded later) with the dual INUs.

I flew a few "B" models out of AMARC(AMARG now) back around 2000-2002 time frame. But these airframes had been flying up to the mid 80's at least. Not sure how much they changed from "B" models in the 60's. Different compasses(C12 vs N1?)

I take that back. The top photo is definitely not an "H". Still unsure as to whether those are INS controls however.

I never saw a LORAN display and not sure when that system was removed.

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Guys, called a young man today, Eric D. Edmond, that is looking for information about his father, Billy Frank Edmond. Billy, and his crew, never returned form a mission on April 10, 1970. Billy was an engineer flying out of Kadena. It was an all volunteer mission. From what I understand, he had been in for 19 years, and he may have been a Chief. I told him that if we could find out what happened that he, his bother and mother would most likely happy, sad and most importantly proud of his accomplishments. I asked that he join this site to receive as much info as we can find. Please help look into this. Pat Wylie. 843-696-9136 cell.

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41st TAS out of Naha Naha to Yokota to pick up the band. 2000 feet from the end of the runway, smoke in the cockpit. Attempted a return and had to ditch. Aircraft went down in the Okinawa Trench which is 15 to 20, 000 feet deep so it was not recovered. Cause of the crash was "catastrophic failur of the bleed ait duct above the ATM which ignited the hydraulic reservoir

Apr 10 1970 560516 Okinawa. I have some info I can fax you.


Capt William Little

Capt Ronald Dryden

Capt William London

1 LT William Pinard

TSgt Billy Edmond

TSgt Golden Mosley

SSgt Argie Jones

A1C Walter Hailend

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Thanks Bob. Fax is down until Friday evening. Could you email it to [email protected]? I'll call his son Eric today, and let him know. Fax number is 843-821-3757 and will be working Friday evening.

This information will mean a lot to Eric, his mom and brother. They have never been able to find any info. as to what happened.

Pat Wylie

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Bob, I've given to phone # to the family to get the information, and they will take it from here. I hope you know how happy that his wife and 3 boys are to finally have some closure after 45 years. Thanks to you and Mick McGothlin for helping with this.

Ill take time time to post the whole story soon.

Sorry that I high jacked this thread.

Pat Wylie, Loadmaster, 37 TAS, Langley AFB, 1970-74.

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