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Warner Robbins


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Good morning guy's

Haven't been around much lately, 'cause of cardiac problems, but The VA generously implanted a pacemaker a couple weeks ago and I'm feeling a bit better now, so I hope to be on board more often. While I was down and out I did look in now and then even if I didn't actually sign in; anyway, I have a question. Wife and I will be traveling past Warner Robbins next week. We have visited the museum there before, so I'm not inclined to do that again, but I'm wondering if there are any Herks "on base". We both have our brown DOD card and have access to the base and we'll stop at the BX for sure, but is there anyone out there in Hercules.net land that knows if there are any 130's on the base? Thanks.......:)

tinwhistle aka Chris

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Glad to hear you are up and about. Hope you can enjoy your good health.

I posted a list of Herks in the GA/FL area a few days ago in the C-130 General part of the Forum.

At Robins 56-0498, 56-0547, 64-0496, 68-10943, 74-1686 and 74-2072 are there as trainers of some sort.

55-0014 57-0478 and 69-6575 are in the Museum.

There are usually some there in Maintenance too.

If you are in the area there are some Rescue Herks P's and J's at Moody.

Have a great trip.


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Hello Chris, welcome to the "cardiac club", sorry to hear about that. I'v been living with some pretty severe issues since 2001, it's certainly not the end of the world any more. I had a aortic valve put in in 2003, bi-ventricle pace maker/defibrillator in 2012 (that has been in and out four times since) and a mitral valve in 2013. Hope the pace makes a noticeable difference for you, I am stuck in the 30 percent it doesn't seem to help.

If you get to see some 130's at Robbins, Bob mentioned 68-10943 is there. I f there is any way you could get a couple pics of her I would be forever in your debt. She was the first plane I painted my name on, as asst. cc. (The only plane I was Dcc on, 62-1819, has been scrapped). The Dcc. on her at that time is also a friend of mine on Facebook and I know he would also really like to see what she looks like now. I realize there is a good chance you never see her and I sure don't expect you to be running around looking for it when I'm sure the are other things you would want to do. But, if you do happen to stumble on the old girl, I would never be able to thank you enough if you could snap a couple pics. Any chance you might be able to help out a former CC, former truck driver, current WI resident and "cardiac club" brother? HaHa, yup, I'm laying it on pretty thick, HaHa. Have a good trip, and wish you the best with your health issues!

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