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OOPS could not figure how to load pic.

Open Windows explore and locate the image you wish to upload

Click and drag the image over "Drag files here to attach" just below the reply box (there is a big paper clip beside it).

When the box turns blue, drop the image (release the mouse button.)

Once the thumb nail loads, click the thumbnail.

The image will then be inserted into the reply box at the current cursor position.


You can select choose file to the right of the paper clip and do it the old-fashioned way.


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Those tubes are part of the defensive systems.


 Lot of shifting plans in the gunship world.  No U-boats or W's have been retired yet.  However they are on the chopping block, but when they go has a lot to do with the AC-J becoming operational.  Some U's were slated for this year but that has changed....the new number is less being retired this year.....don't know tail numbers.  AC-H is pretty much done...I think the last one gets bone-yarded in June....sad day.

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Speaking of the AC-130U, can any of you gunship guys tell me what those 2 tubes are for below the empennage?

Don R.



​Those are the AAQ-24 DIRCM Missile Warning Sensor fairings (You can see the large DIRCM transmitter turret right above the 105 barrel)

The original three aircraft the sensor fairings were designed by Scaled Composites and looked natural.  The U-boat fairings were designed by another firm and are UGLY.

The Scaled fairings were used on the LAIRCM installations on MAF C-130s

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