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MTcrewchief and new knee


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I suppose I should respond to nice inquiries about my knees. Both are in their proper places and have been ops checked and signed off. What a relief it is to be rid of the constant pain. I admit that they aren't, perfect yet, but that will take some time yet. I would recommend this operation to any of you that has been putting up with arthritic knees etc. Honestly, there is actually very little pain involved compared to the pain you have probably been putting up with for years.  Also,if you are in V A care,they will be paid for.  After the complaining I did about Veterans Choice early on, it turned out not so bad. The problems I had early on seemed to smooth out as time went on. The biggest problem was and still is, the doctors and medical facilities try to Bill the V. A. And it doesn't work.

So anyway,thanks for your concerns and good wishes. And by the way Chris, I managed to keep my other knee. !!!





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