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C-130 Fuel system


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The offload valve is designed to prevent fuel from the inflight refueling/ fuel transfer procedures from entering the SPR manifold. Older Aircraft without the offload valve have fuel in the SPR lines any time the dump pump/ transfer pumps are used to transfer fuel to the IFR pods of into the fuse tank. 

The offload valve is closed any time the refuel/ ground transfer switch is in off position.  

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 1-The 3-inch, motor-operated valve provides a smooth cutoff of fuel to the single point panel during rapid off loading of fuel.

2-If the surge suppressor fail to operates the off load valve will prevent damage to system components from surges in the refuel manifold. 

3- when placing master switch to drain position this will energized contacts of the off load valve relay.and fuel is pumped from the refueling and SPR manifolds into the No. 3 main fuel tank. :)


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