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help identify this accessory kit


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I have come across this kit that I can't find any information on. When I research the military part numbers it shows as being for use on some of the C130 variants. This is basically just a cable and pulley kit but there are some things that raise my curiosity factor. It is in a very nicely made box, It has steel cable with hooks, It has three heavy duty roller brackets that appear to be used to pass the cable around corners. But the two cable blocks appear to be very light duty. The hooks are lightweight and the pulleys appear to be made of a phenolic material so not much load capacity there. I asked at the local foresty service flight office and they thought it was used as an auxiliary cable for winching in pallets. And it certainly might be. But the light duty pulleys seemed strange and why have three corner roller brackets. So I'm curious if anyone knows for sure what this is for.

Kit # 3950-00-677-3615   /   cs3950-0016   /   41850      Number on pulley is MS20221-3     Pictures below.










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If there was no electric wench on board you could use this kit by running a cable out the crew door and attached to a vehicle and use the block and pulls to attach to the floor. The end of the cable in the aircraft is attached to the load being winched aboard. the vehicle drives forward and pulls the load on board. The pullys only re direct the pull of the cable. I am pulling this from my Loadmaster C-130 school At Pope.... Thats been a few years ago but I think I'm close. All my aircraft had electric winches. I never had to winch a load..  

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Dutch got it right ---   again.The work order came down from Maint. control to the 780 shop.They droped the winch off at the acft.I don't remember the  capacity but it could pull one hell of a  load.Slow but powerful.The kit shown in the O/P was handy sometimes but wasn't as heavy duty as the big yellow beast.   

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