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  1. blind Eagle getting little food. blind bat hunting niye time
  2. https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/i-guess-this-is-how-you-fit-a-c-130-in-a-parking-lot-1827304608
  3. Palm Springs 5/20/18 165737/BH-737 & 168071/BH-071
  4. Here is what I found. By the way there weren't any winches on any 130 that I was on, thankfully. http://www.cunicocorp.com/aircraft-cargo-winch.htm
  5. While at McChord, had one over 11 hours Elmendorf to Kadena
  6. Link to earlier exchanges on this topic, http://www.c-130hercules.net/forums/topic/2223-fuselage-stations-20-and-30-stretch/
  7. Keep in mind that the 463L system was not around in 1957, not until early 60's. Floor loading was it. Forward door was handy. There were problems with the door opening in flight so they were sealed shut and discontinued early in the B model run.
  8. Maybe it grazed a rogue wave on the last day, Seriously, the tests were conducted both ways and touted as loaded with cargo. Different videos show different configurations. If a bumpy landing would knock the doors off, there should be many all over SVN and elsewhere.
  9. They are redeveloping the Herky Hill, cul de sacs and resorts. Summer 1969...
  10. Getting into position. They needed to bring in an A to start another A. Song Be, Dec. '69 (find the Christmas Tree)
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